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Checking their principles at the door.

Another in-brief message today, due to being again under the weather. For your perusal, some visual evidence that more then 1 Conservative MP has been “passing off government cheques as his own, or Conservative Party benevolence”.

The problem is, it isn’t the Conservative Party’s money to be handed out, it’s the taxpayers money (our money) that is being doled out through the federal government. The Conservative Party has no business slapping their logos or their MP’s names on this grant money. It is unethical and probably illegal.

The Conservative Party is descended from the “Reform” Party (you remember, Preston Manning’s creation) that was mad back in the day at Brian Mulroney and his “Progressive Conservative” party, who in the eyes of Manning and the “reformers” didn’t act any better then prior Liberal governments (in fact, it could be argued they acted worse) when it came to patronage and so on.

Harper was a member of the Reform Party, but it seems he and the current bunch in power have forgotten their reform roots. Indeed, this latest display is probably more flagrant then anything Mulroney ever did.

UPDATE: Warren has found more pictures of Conservative MP’s presenting grants that have slapped Conservative Party logos or the MP’s signatures on official Government of Canada cheques. It puts to bed the claim by Harper that this was an isolated incident by a single MP. As the Star’s Susan Delacourt says, It also calls into question the Conservative leadership’s involvement in all this:

In July, Dimitri Soudas, the PM’s spokesman,was remarkably vague — and not at all contrite — when I talked to him for this story, which was written after constituents in Peter Van Loan’s riding complained about the minister passing off government cheques as his own, or as Conservative party benevolence…Tonight, I heard Soudas telling CTV’s Tom Clark that it was “NOT appropriate” for MPs to be slapping party logos and MPs’ signatures on government cheques.

So, my questions are:

1. When did the PMO decide that Van Loan and others were off side with their carnival-sized cheques? They’ve known since at least July that this was going on.

2. And, since when did MPs start doing anything independently in this government? Did all these MPs and ministers just head to to the copy shop and get these cheques printed up themselves, by huge coincidence?


12 comments to Checking their principles at the door.

  • Marie

    With the Government of Canada Logo on them paid by the Liberals and not the tax payers, not a Liberal logo. You are comparing apples to oranges. Big difference.

    Roll Tide, read my answer to Common Sense and Grant. The Liberals were voted out for their shenanigans and so will the Reform/Con-Artists. Seniors do not like to be taken advantage of. They forget easily. They will tell your party to grow up, smarten up and get lost.

  • Jon Pertwee

    There’s more trolls in this thread than Lord of the Rings.

  • Roll Tide

    Perhaps the Liberals should insist on a return to small, unmarked, non-serialized bills in plain brown envelopes.

  • Roll Tide

    First the LPC complain that the stimulus is not big enough.
    That is expected, Liberals love to spend taxpayers money.

    Living in Richmond Hill, Liberal MP Bryan Wilfert never shied away from showing off a big cheque or cutting a federally sponsored ribbon.

    The Conservative MP Keddy should never have put a the CPC logo on the cheque. Fine.

    The more the Liberals make this an issue, the more Canadians are reminded that if we elected the Liberals, the spending would have been a lot worse.

    Mr. frugal taxpayer will continue to park his vote with the CPC since the Liberals are stuck in its tax and spend mindset. Todays EKOS reveals the latest numbers at 40-25.

    My advice to the Liberals, if you want to hit Harper from the left, ignore this issue, you have no credibility. You take valuable airtime away from Ignatieffs latest green initiative. It seems Tribe and Kinsella want to ignore their leaders green speech at the Vancouver Board of Trade.

  • Alise

    I think its a symptom of every government of any stripe. You should check the self-righteousness at the door.

  • Hoping your feel better soon. I don’t get the “lesson” the opposition and the MSM are trying to impart. Poor optics, photoshop challenged CPC MP’s who are a little too partisan will change the direction of the Polls or how they feel about this government?

    Did you notice most of the Libblogs is ignoring MI’s “big green” rollout speech for novelty cheque attacks?

    In my opinion this is an example of the disconnect from regular voters. We get it, voters are not dumb. Why are the MSM and opposition chasing this an issue?

    Can you imagine going door to door trying to rationalize why those oversized cheques are bad and the government has failed?

    “At the moment, a chastened Canadian public prefers a low-tax, low-service government over a higher-taxing government with a higher level of services by a margin of nearly two-to-one.”-Ekos Poll

    MI is refusing to answer how much his “Green Plan” will cost. This will backfire.

    • Marie

      Grant and Conscienceless, Do you remember how Canadians punished the liberals and Mulroney when they were doing ad scam and Air bus stuff? They voted them out of the PMO and my friends, they will do it again but this time we will be voting down the Reform party telling them to take a hike. Maybe then Harper King can come out with a new party and try again. He’s very good at that. Maybe he can hit the NDP and call themselves the New Harper Party with their orangy colors. He can always grow a mustache It might fit in their logos. Common Sense is all over the blogs with his smart Alec posts. I think Harper has forgotten about the high percentage of seniors who do vote , they are not easily folled and they don’t like Harper ‘s kind of politics.

  • I can’t imagine how these cheques made it past a political operative. Anyone with any lick of sense would have seen this was wrong. I say at the least the Cons need better political staff.

    The second part of this is that Cons saw nothing wrong with putting their name on these cheques from the Government of Canada.

    The photo-op is an old political game and one well used by all MP’s. I know I did my share of them for those I worked for over the years. One thing we never did was put our NAME on the cheque being presented.

    We would try to claim credit for getting it, basically saying, see we got this for you, so vote for me next time. We even helped people fill out applications for funding etc. Again, nothing wrong with that. Just don’t claim it’s your money.

    The Cons are proving to be very adept at the political game. Lets hope they pay a price for this…

  • Big Winnie

    Figures, typical CON party line…”Liberals did, too” Guess what? Elections Canada DID NOT go after the Liberal party and if the CONs have nothing to hide, why is Harper suing Elections Canada?

  • Grant

    We’ll remind you every step of the way about Adscam, because every once in a while, something in the news comes up about another person being investigated or having been found guilty. And because when it comes to corrpution in government, we’ll take no lessons from Liberals, that is for certain.

    Oh, and The “in and out” stuff that the Liberals did, too? Senate seats that are filled when even the Liberals acknowledge that those seats needed to be filled and it ends up that *gasp* Tory supporters that are appointed? A “broken election law” from the last election that was challenged in federal court recently and lost?

    If blinding you with the truth is considered “trolling”, then you need to grow and extra layer of skin.

  • Big Winnie

    Grant, don’t you mean Harpocrisy?

    Don’t give any bull about Adscam when you have the In/Out scandal/patronage appointments/broken election laws etc…

    Go somewhere else to troll!

  • Grant

    Thats funny; a supporter of the party of Adscam chastises the Tories for forgetting their Reform roots when the Liberals and their supporters disdainfully remind everyone of those same roots every chance they get.

    Hypocrisy – it just never gets old for Liberals.

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