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Blogging blahs – but a congrats to Kady O’Malley on getting a CBC gig

When you catch a nasty post-Thanksgiving sinus cold, one really doesn’t feel like blogging too much – not even on something you are passionate about – such as politics. In between sniffling and using up half a forest of Kleenex, however, this caught my eye – Kady O’Malley is making the jump to the Mother Corporation:

Political blogger Kady O’Malley is making the switch from Maclean’s magazine to CBC News. O’Malley, who has covered federal politics for more than a decade, will be part of the CBC News team covering Ottawa and will blog for, beginning Oct. 26. She has covered federal politics as a freelance writer for the Hill Times, the Ottawa Citizen, Canadian Business and other publications, and her Maclean’s blog, Inside the Queensway, has a loyal following.

My sincere congratulations to her – I wish her well on her new blogging venture.


3 comments to Blogging blahs – but a congrats to Kady O’Malley on getting a CBC gig

  • Penny

    Wow – Scott, First day for me actually pushing myself and doing something. I think I’ve gone through 2 forests. We arrived in Bangor about 7 am Friday am and left Sat. am . Cancelled 2 nights near Boston.

    But, even tho I’m ill, I still have to check out my fav. sites. Kady is one of my fav. bloggers, but the cons don’t like her as they perceive she’s a lefty. But, she puts down all parties.

  • kwittet

    Scott. you need to get out more and not blog so much(healthy living) . Also I flew over your house (about 8 or 10 times) in a HARVARD Saturday. We were practicing the new airshow routine we are going to implement at next years airshows!!

    • @kwittet, Ironically, it was my going out that caused me to catch this cold – I either caught it at my brother’s house on Thanksgiving Sunday, or the day before at the retirement home when we visited my grandparents.

      Cool stuff on the Harvards.

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