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A shell game

That’s what one commentator at Macleans termed it after reading the latest assessment of the government’s progress reports by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office. See the report here.


6 comments to A shell game

  • Stan

    Who will Power Corp appoint as the next Liberal Party of Toronto leader?
    The beauty of the new liberal system of using back room deals to choose the next Power Corp puppet certainly speeds up the process.
    We could have half a dozen new liberal leaders in the next couple of years now that the liberals have given up on those pesky democratic leadership races!

    Who’s on deck?

    Ralph Goodale?


  • Grant

    If this is true, Ignatieff is a goner for sure, no two ways about it.

    • Roll Tide


      Yesterday I read that he was going on a listening tour and have adult conversations. The man is confused. He needs to discover what he believes in. Thanksgiving is a good time for a break.

  • Big Winnie

    Here is the link to Sheila’s segment on Power Play:

    Getting back on topic, yes it is a shell game, no surprises there…What a waste of taxpayers money

  • slg

    Did you watch CTV? Tom Clark and Sheila Copps received emails – they are advertising the Economic Action Plan in the “New York” Times. Unbelievable.

    • Roll Tide

      The ad is linked with the Canadian server. A Blackberry in say Boston would get a American ad.
      I remember a Liberal ad while I was on Drudge during the last Federal election. They are cost effective ads.

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