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They really hated George Bush in Europe that much eh?

In brief – Great line from David Graham on Facebook this AM: He “congratulates President Bush on winning President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize”, which if you hadn’t heard, occurred today.

I congratulate Obama for winning this, though like others, I’m thinking it was a tad premature to be awarding him this yet. If he somehow manages to get the Israelis and Palestinians to sign another Camp David-type peace accord, then for example, I’d have had no trouble with it. This being awarded to him seems to be designed more to prod him along to keep up his peace efforts and international co-operation on serious issues on the world stage.

That all said, it will be amusing to watch right-wing websites explode with outrage at this. That, and a mix of a disparaging of the Nobel Peace Prize (which has already begun in earnest on some discussion sites).


4 comments to They really hated George Bush in Europe that much eh?

  • Stan

    What’s next, the Cy Young?

    Or will Nancy Pelosi win the 2010 Miss Universe title?

  • Roll Tide

    Its become a political award. I do not know what he accomplished, neither does he, which is why he was so surprised. He hasn’t brought liberty to any country, or struck a difficult peace deal, on the contrary Iran has sped up its nuclear program, and Afghanistan is worse.
    Maybe because Iraq has become a more stable democracy, but that was because of the Bush surge.

    This award probably handcuffs Obama, it may limit his ability to use force.

    Many on the thinking left are confused.

  • Joseph

    I have to say that, as a fairly strong supporter of Obama, this just seems a little wacky. “What?” was my reaction actually.

    I’m sure it would be a complete international faux pas not to accept the honour, but Obama could make a lot of people happy if he would dedicate the award to all the people working for peace and name a few individuals working on efforts that get little if any recognition.

    Seriously, I think he should.

    P.S. You’re assessment of this really being a reaction against Bush is probably on the mark. But they really should award based on a sense of “relief.”

  • Grant

    Yasser Arafat won this “award” as well. ‘Nuff said.

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