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I see the Cons ‘base’ is getting hopeful.

Shorter Stephen Taylor (head honcho of the Blogging Tories aggregate) could be summarized from his tweet as being Those of us who are Conservative activists want a Conservative majority so they can actually start implementing the more contentious parts of our right-wing agenda we’ve kept under wraps.

I’d be interested to hear from Stephen what part of the Conservative agenda he’s hopeful would get implemented if the Conservatives didn’t have to operate within the confines of a minority. Some are rather obvious – like the repeal of the long-gun registry, as BCL suggested over at his site, but I’m curious to see Stephen’s wish-list of things he wants implemented by a theoretical majority Conservative government.


8 comments to I see the Cons ‘base’ is getting hopeful.

  • Paul Raposo

    Harper has stated he would use the Notwithstanding Cluase to eliminate equal marriage for ga and lesbian Canadians. if he had a majority, we can expect that.

    • Roll Tide

      @Paul Raposo,

      Ignatieff has stated he would use the Notwithstanding Clause to join the United States. If he had a majority, we can expect that.

      Makes about as much sense.

  • John W.

    The CBC will be broken up and sold off. Starvation might continue for a few years before the final disbursement.
    This explains why CTV even post Duffy, is so blatantly pro Conservative and more obviously anti Ignatieff.
    If CBC sold off a lot of advertising dollars are freed up.Would be good for Macleans as well. Might explain this weeks cover story?

  • wilson

    ‘Well perhaps they want to repeal abortion rights laws?’

    how does one repeal a law, when there is no law to repeal.
    You do know that Canada has NO abortion laws, right?

    ”On January 28th, 1988 the Court declared the country’s abortion law to be unconstitutional because they infringed upon a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person”.
    To this day, Canada has no abortion law whatsoever. ”

    You do know also, that it was a Liberal MP who was the last to offer up a PMB on abortion, right?

  • Christina Monroe

    Well perhaps they want to repeal abortion rights laws? There was several sets of petitions by 3 conservative MP’s last week on October 2, 2009 about the issue. The issue had been brought up previously on September 28, 2009 after a Liberal MP tables a petition for animal welfare legislation. I know a lot of people are not the cpac junkie I am. I tape and watch it when I am not home during the day. Petitions are not always the most exciting part of the day, but it does allow a window into agendas that are not possible in a minority government situation.

    • Christina Monroe

      @Christina Monroe, update.

      It was again brought up under petitions by a conservative mp just now in the house of commons to again protect the right of unborn child until natural death. Sigh.

      • Roll Tide

        @Christina Monroe,

        Wilson below is correct, there is nothing to repeal.
        I know many in the pro-life caucus are Liberals. Paul Szabo, and John Mackay to name a few. I would hope that this issue is non partisan. At one time the Liberals owned the Catholic and Evangelical vote. If they wish to be dogmatic they will continue to lose these votes.

  • Big Winnie

    I don’t think we need him for that:

    1)Public funding for political parties will be repealed.
    2) CHRC will be dismantled
    3) All crown assets will be sold off
    4) We will become a police state with Harper as the “Grand Poobah”
    5) Canadians will get the hell taxed out of them

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