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Attack ads become en vogue for the cable TV vs big broadcaster public opinion wars

This is just a random observation from me that the public relations folks working for the cable companies and the TV broadcasters must have decided that the Conservatives were/are on to something with their attack ads, because I’ve seen a lot of TV commercials or newspaper ads the past couple of weeks from the 2 sides denouncing each other for being greedy and wanting to screw the consumer. I believe the “consortium” of local broadcasters were the first to strike, and the cable companies have retaliated with ads of their own.

This seems to be a trend that we’ve imported from the US, where you can find attack ads even in non-campaign years by political groups or activists trying to woo the public over to their POV… not sure if that’s good or bad.

One thing that’s still not the same though as in the US – none of these are being driven by political activist groups. It’s either political parties or big business. One lone exception might be Avaaz, but that’s been it, and that’s been very limited.


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