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Maybe it’s just me..

For those of you who read the Toronto Star, I wonder if I’m the only one who isn’t really sure I like what they’ve done to visually change their website. I’m not really sure I like the new layout, (particularly the editorial section) and it seems harder to me to find the stuff I want to read.

Perhaps I’ll get used to it, but the new format seems awkward.


7 comments to Maybe it’s just me..

  • kwittet

    I like the Toronto Sun layout best. They have the Sunshine Girl!!

  • heather

    I emailed them (telluswha[email protected]) and told them the new site looks juvenile. I also pointed out that their new link with Facebook is ironic because for most of yesterday (the launch of the new format), their lead story was about Facebook getting reprimanded by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner for its privacy policies.

    Change is bad. Especially when it looks like that.

  • Roll Tide

    When I went to the wed site, I was reminded of the managerial skills of the Liberal government (I billion wasted on e-health). I will get used to the layout.

  • Jay

    It’s nearly unviewable on smart phones.

  • George

    I agree and I am particularly annoyed that they put the bylines off to the side.

  • AnnieS

    It’s truly confusing and horrible.

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