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Good politics, questionable legal policy

I agree with Jeff: the opposition parties (including now the NDP surprisingly enough) appear to be falling over themselves backwards not to appear “soft on crime” or face that charge from the Conservatives by supporting or appearing to support a floating trial balloon being put out by Rob Nicholson that the police should be given the power to randomly force people to take breathalyzer tests. Apparently, the opposition parties would rather implement it first, and let the courts deal with its legality afterward, rather then take a strong principled stand against it now by arguing this is a slippery slope to other violations of rights.

The opposition parties and particularly the Liberals (who’ve not yet taken an official position, but are indicating they’d be inclined to favor it) should ask the the Conservative government to refer any such proposed bill to the Supreme Court beforehand (as is sometimes done by the government on controversial legislation) to get their opinion whether it is legal or not to do this, or if the S.C would find it in violation of Section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (which states all Canadians “have the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure”). If the S.C. opines there is some legality in doing this, provided a certain line isn’t crossed, then talk about supporting it.

As an aside, as with Jeff, I’ve seen more libertarians (conservative ones) around online and in some media circles that have been decrying this proposal then I have L/liberals or social democrats (the libertarians basic argument is about the heavy hand of government reaching in to infringe personal rights without just cause, etc) and that is quite regrettable.


3 comments to Good politics, questionable legal policy

  • Roll Tide

    I do not want a nosy government forcing me to take a beathalizer without due cause. I would urge the CPC to drop this.

    Its bad enough that the federal Liberals blew over a billion on a long gun registry that targets law abiding citizens.

    • kwittet

      @Roll Tide, Did you ever read about my experience with the registry. Good stuff. How to pacify the public(liberals) then try to bribe back the conservative supporters who had to pay(or not pay)!!

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