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Monday supper notes

– In a followup to my blogpost of yesterday, regardless of whether Sheila Copps is being hypocritical or not, I agree with her premise and disagree with James – remove the position of Quebec lieutenant. If it’s not necessary elsewhere in the country, it certainly doesn’t need to be necessary in Quebec. It concentrated too much power in the hands of 1 individual who may or may not use it wisely. As for primaries and the power of appointment et. al., read yesterday’s blogpost for my position on those.

Random police testing for drunk drivers? As BC’er says, it sounds like a trial-balloon designed to see if it might get short-term public support for Harper’s supposed “tough on crime” agenda. It also would be struck down rather quickly by the courts, I suspect, for violating Section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which states all Canadians “have the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure”

– I’ve officially bought my train tickets for the blogging event being held by our volunteer coder in Toronto on November 7 for Progressive Bloggers members (and some guests). See the main Prog Blog page or the Facebook page for details. Not sure if that’s an incentive or a disincentive to show up to that if you’re interested in going, but there you are 🙂


3 comments to Monday supper notes

  • Sorry, Antonio, but where exactly in the Party Constitution is the Québec lieutenant position “enshrined”?

  • The Quebec Lieutenant is a necessary position, which is why its role is enshrined in the Party’s Constitution.

    There was a congress this weekend where grassroots members had the occasion to eliminate the position, and they chose not to bring forward such a motion…

    So Scott, are you suggesting the leader should override the will of the Liberals in Quebec and eliminate the position? Doesn’t sound very grassroots now does it?

    • @Anthony Di Domizio, We’ve already had this debate… but all I’ll say is when the power of appointment is drastically scaled down to let riding members vote for who they want to represent them as LPC candidate in that riding – Quebec and elsewhere – THAT will be really grassroots of the party to do.

      I see others have issued or dispute the fact the lieutenant is “enshrined”.. so I’ll let you reply/talk to them, since I’m not up on LPC Constitutional matters.

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