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Riling up the rural base

Apparently, it’s been decided by some Conservatives and their supporters it’s time to rile up the rural base (again) over gun control. There’s a full front-page section in the Tillsonburg News in today’s paper (owned by the extreme right-wing conservative supporting Sunmedia Chain) detailing the private members bill C-391 and it’s attempt to kill the long-gun registry. That article is full of quotes from Elgin-Middlesex-London MP Joe Preston, Oxford MP Dave Mackenzie and Haldimand-Norfolk MP and Cabinet Minister Diane Finley spouting off Conservative talking points on the gun registry.

In addition, we coincidentally (cough, cough.. yea, right) have an editorial in there from the local editor (which unfortunately doesn’t appear to be online at their site) decrying the gun registry, decrying the fact that rural voices are being outnumbered by urban voices, with an apparent subtle appeal to make the Canadian system – perhaps the Canadian Senate? – like its US counterpart, and give rural voices more (disproportionate?) amount of power; apparently representation by population isn’t favoured by the editor anymore. They also complain that since this is a private members bill, Opposition leaders shouldn’t “whip” their MP’s into voting against it (which is silly, since this private members bill mirrors official Conservative policy and official attempts to kill it previously. The fact this is a private members bill makes no difference, since all this is doing is trying to claim it’s not an “official” Conservative government bill, in an attempt to put forth the talking point that since it’s a private members bill, opposition MP’s shouldn’t be “whipped” on it).

I’m rather critical of the local rag, because they’ve been in the habit of quoting Conservative MP’s and ministers like Finley and Mackenzie with no attempt to offer a counter point from the Liberals or any other opposition party. Their last piece on the EI reforms controversy had them interviewing Finley on her own, who they tried (in my view) portraying as a hero on EI reforms helping to prevent an election, with her spouting out the Conservative views on “wasteful” Liberal proposals, with no Liberal rebuttal. That prompted me to write a pointed letter to them, basically stating if I want to read Conservative propaganda, I can read it at the CPC’s website, and shouldn’t be reading it at a supposed neutral news outlet, and that they should have at least attempted to have gotten a contrary POV from the Liberals. I suggested the name of former Cabinet Minister/Liberal MP for Haldimand-Norfolk, Bob Speller (and Liberal candidate running against Finley in the next election) as someone they could have asked (In an amusing sidenote, I happen to have a relative who works at the paper. He evidently heard about my letter going after the reporter in question who wrote the story, from his news colleagues – or so he tells me).

They at least in this story said they attempted to Bob Speller for his views on Bill C-391, but didnt hear back from him soon enough to get his response in for the story’s printing. We’ll see if they bother to print his view on things in the next edition of the paper on Friday Monday (which I wont be surprised if they don’t bother). I’m going to see if I can’t help the News out (cough) and get Mr. Spellers views on this latest attempt by the Conservatives to appeal to their base over the gun registry. Stay tuned.


13 comments to Riling up the rural base

  • Rob

    Evidently, Scott has no concern for breach of privacy and confidentiality either.

    I’m continually amazed how federal Liberal supporters continue to stick their head in the sand to avoid admitting it was a bad idea when C-68 was forced down so many Canadians’ throats, it’s a bad idea today, and it’s a continued waste of resources, funds (particularly during a recession), and effort for little more than a poor attempt to look politically correct. Demonizing inanimate objects was for ancient religions, not today’s society.


  • Rob

    Saskatoon Police Association and Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers both back bill C-391.

    But it’s clearly evident that Scott would rather complain about his local paper than discuss the issue directly. I’d be surprised if he’s actually read what was in the original bill, what is in the act, and what that’s meant and cost to Canadians.

  • Ray

    Why don’t you look at how C-68 violates the rights of firearms owners. If you own a firearm you no longer have the constitutional rights that all other Canadians have in fact you have fewer rights than a convicted criminal. That’s what got firearms owners upset. Instead of spouting off without FACTS how about you do some reseach.

  • Roll Tide

    “One of the strongest voices in opposition to the Registry was the Saskatchewan Liberal Party under the leadership of Dr. Lynda Haverstock, and that opposition remains to this day.”

    Ryan Bater, Current Saskatchewan Liberal Leader.

    Another “Conservative talking point”

  • Big Winnie

    Agreed Brian. The CONs want to remove a tool used by Police forces across Canada.

  • Brian

    Once again the Cons are being both soft (and stupid) on crime. If you have nothing to hide, why would you be afraid of registering a firearm?

    • kwittet

      @Brian, Seems to me I remember the liberals screaming that the cons were too hard on criminals and the libs were saying things like rehabilitation is the answer, locking people up was not the answer. I own many firearms and they are all grudgingly registered thanks to the last liberal government. It was so nice of them to tell me that it was going to cost me 10 dollars per gun to register by mail but if I did it online the cost was zero. So my dad and I faithfully not wanting to become criminals sat down and registered all ** of them.(the stars are there because it is really no ones business how many we own) Several months later those great liberals decided to send me a cheque which said on it FEDERAL GUN REGISTRY REFUND for ** dollars. I didn’t pay a nickel but they they sent me back the money anyways. I suspect as it was hugely unpopular at the time it was a ploy to buy votes from conservatives. No wonder it went so far into debt under the previous liberal dictatorship.

      Must be a slow day Scott as you know 98% of all private members bill never get passed. You say they are trying to whip up the base but you knowing this fact on these bills are doing the same trying to whip up emotions within you blogging circle. Our relative that works at the paper probably got a great laugh out of it all.His paper the Tillsonburg News has done a great job covering stories for my organization. We have never had so much positive press and it is largely due to his hard work for us!

  • ridenrain

    A story telling only one side? Where did they learn that, the CBC ?

  • Roll Tide

    The Liberal party stench is all over rural Canada in the form of the gun registry.
    I am a urban Canadian, but this is an example of how smug David Miller left wing type urbanites have absolutely no inkling of rural Canada.

    Nice to know Obama is finally lining up with Harper on Iran. Better late then never.

    • @Roll Tide, I see you’re parroting official Conservative talking points as usual on the registry. The Conservative constituency office where you live must be proud of you for parroting their official talking points so well and exact.. maybe you should try becoming the official candidate for the CPC in Markham – since the last guy was too independent-minded. You’d fit right in with them.

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