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Ekos poll numbers stabilize; Iggy needs to get some of this speech out in an ad

In brief:

– As anyone who follows Canadian politics knows, it’s been a rather tumultuous week in Liberal land as a result of the goings-on in the Outrement riding, and Denis Coderre throwing hand grenades out there in his resignation speech as the Quebec lieutenant (which, by the way, I think we should do away with in the Liberal Party. It concentrates far too much power in one person’s hands, and I don’t see why we need it in Quebec if we dont have that position anywhere else). The latest Ekos poll took in the opinions of folks during this time frame, and to the surprise of some media observers who track these, the Liberals did not go into freefall; rather, their numbers more or less held. The Conservatives actually dropped a point nationally. Perhaps the sound and fury of Coderre getting overruled on his Outrement pick didn’t really catch too many people’s attention outside of the Queensway that much.

– The Liberals and Michael Ignatieff introduced their non-confidence motion this AM. I like what was written in here for the reasons behind the motion, and I really think Ignatieff should use these snippets from his speech in some more pre-election ads to explain his position on why he and the Liberals are going to actively oppose the Conservative government – not just the specific reasons he lists, but the Conservative philosophy of governing that he and the Liberals oppose:

Is this a pattern of incompetence or is this a pattern of malice? It is a little of both but there is something else going on that needs to be named by its proper name. There is a deeper design here, a design to permanently weaken the capacity of the federal Government of Canada to help Canadians. There is, on the opposite side of the House, what could be called the starve-the-beast ideology. We know where that ideology comes from but it is not suited to Canada. It will weaken and eventually it could change Canada beyond recognition.

This party stands against that ideology all the way down. We stand against it because we believe profoundly that if this ideology prevails in this country it will permanently weaken the tissues that bind our society together, the health care system of which we are so proud, the care for the aged which distinguishes us as a civilized society, and the capacity of our society to provide security in retirement. The government works on one plan and one plan only, starve the beast, lower expectations of government so far until Canadians cease to have any expectations of the federal government whatsoever. This is an unworthy way to govern this country, and we stand against it.


18 comments to Ekos poll numbers stabilize; Iggy needs to get some of this speech out in an ad

  • Kealy

    If I were Michael Ignatieff, I’d stop worrying about daily polling and concentrate on being in a stronger position for Spring 2010. This has been the Liberals problem since losing in 2006: everyone in the party is so obsessed with getting back into power RIGHT AWAY that they aren’t doing the heavy lifting within the party to get it in shape to fight an election. And so Harper just mows down the Liberals with superior firepower and much stronger ground game.

  • eric

    I think the worst is over for the libs, maybe a little controversy is what they needed to wake up and start talking about what they stand for and not coasting on the antiHarper wave…they need to solidify Ontario, Quebec will jump on the bandwagon if they see momentum for the Libs.

  • kwittet

    SO Iggy finally got his non confidence motion in today. Good for him. I listened to him talk on the radio this morning and he said the liberal party has lost confidence in Stephen Harper and the Conservative party. A recent LEGER poll put out these numbers

    PC 36%
    Lib 30%

    Cons lead in all of Canada except for Maritimes and Quebec

    48% think Canada is heading in the right direction

    46% don’t want a change in govt

    48% satisfied with Harper s govt

    Best Prime Minister: Harper 32%, Ignatieff 21%

    36% Perceive Harper as Best Equipped to
    Lead Canada through Recession and Recovery

    Harper is the Most Trusted Political Party Leader
    Among Canadians

    45% of Canadians Believe that Minority Parliaments Have
    Been More Negative Than Positive for the Country and the

    Polls being polls they are all different. Above you quote the good news that the liberals held and the cons dropped a point. So lets use my poll numbers from above for a few and make my point.

    So what Iggy is saying is that JUST the liberal and bloc party’s have lost confidence but not the majority of those Canadians who were polled. TO me what this says is screw Canadians and what they want. We(libs) want back in power and we are willing to force another election upon them to try to get our way.
    You libs need a new leader who is more interested in doing what Canadians want and not a power hungry ego-maniac!

    I never thought I would say this but the smartest leader right now is Jack Layton for stopping this insanity!

    • Andy Y


      Sources please?

      No sources = dismissed comment…

      As for Iggy bashing, all I have to say is “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones….”

    • Roll Tide


      The Toronto Star buried Angus Reid on A6 today, Harper 37%, Liberal 27%, NDP 17%
      That’s a 10 point spread.

  • Loraine Lamontagne

    Why so little French in Ignatieff’s speech today? Is he seriously considering the job of pm of Canada or what?

  • Grant

    I am not concerned Grant.

    Excellent. That is exactly the head-in-the-sand attitude we hoped your side would adopt on this. 🙂 🙂

    • Andy Y


      On the contrary.

      What you were hoping for was fear and I’m happy to disappoint…

      • Grant

        What you were hoping for was fear and I’m happy to disappoint.

        Keep being happy; you’ll need that optimism later when things get worse. 😀 Diappointed? LOL Hardly. I know you’re never going to admit otherwise because you’re side is never going to admit weakness at such a crucial time. Who would? However, we still smell your fear. Its emanating from Liberal ranks in Quebec, and its starting to infect people like you as well. You guys kept blathering how unafraid you were during Dion’s tenure, but we knew you were afraid then for good reason, just as we know your starting to feel that same fear now. Ignatieff is going the way of Dion. We know it, and you know it. 😀

  • Greg

    This doesn’t sound like Iggy, or his wing of the party at all. It sounds like something Bob Rae wrote. Too bad Iggy didn’t listen to him during the coalition crisis.

  • Andy Y

    I am not concerned Grant… 🙂

  • Grant

    Well Andy, when it happens, I will remember you thought so. 🙂

  • Andy Y

    All any MP has to do is ask David Emerson or Belinda Stronach how much benefit their floor crossings had on their political careers…

  • Andy Y

    Considering the source, I call Bullshit!

  • Grant

    Uh, oh! 🙂 –

    This is a very speculative rumble, but at least one prominent MP has quietly mused to me about crossing the floor to join the Conservatives. Others complain their leader is deaf to their input and trivializes their value. Given that the Conservatives are no longer markedly different from the Liberals in fiscal or social policy, Ignatieff might be more caring of his caucus lest his MPs start looking for another party leader who can do better.

    It just gets better every day, doesn’t it?

  • Andy Y

    I whole heartily agree!

    The Libs will gain the most from expressing their Canadian values than by bashing the Cons on economic policy, that they’d have to admit is extremely narrow in how you can approach it.

    Focusing on partisan favoritism is good and presenting hard numbers to counter the spin doctoring of the Cons is also good.

    What the Libs really need to do is focus on their values, on what they represent. That is where the great divide between the Cons and Liberals exist. A subject the Cons and particularly Harper don’t want to discuss. Its their minefield.

    Go too far center and Harper’s acolytes alienate their base, appease their base and alienate a centrist nation.

    A commentator posed that the Liberal dilemma is that the Harpercons have assumed the “perception” of a right of center party (aka the grand old PC party). A position the Liberals actually represent. The Libs need to reclaim that position and the only way this commenter believes they can do that is to deliberately and specifically point out the differences in “values” between they and the Cons at every media opportunity.

    Canadians are not fooled by Harper’s photo-ops and are generally skeptical by nature. So I don’t feel many believe the Harper Leopard has truly changed his spots. If they did, he’d have a greater share of the opinion polls after the Coderre meltdown in Quebec and after their carefully crafted back handed PR campaign in the recent weeks.

    The Libs need to go where the Cons don’t want them to go, Canadian values! The Cons will talk about all sorts of topics that they can spin, but values is an area that reveals the true nature of any beast…

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