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You were running for the wrong party, Gordon Landon

Being candid and open with your comments is not a positive attribute in Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party:

A moment of candour has cost Gordon Landon a shot at federal politics. Landon was dumped Monday as the Conservative candidate for Markham-Unionville after publicly musing the GTA riding was being shut out of federal infrastructure funding because it is held by a Liberal….As a regional councillor from Markham, Landon, 61, is used to being independent and speaking his mind, “so it’s hard for me to bow to a lot of structure and having everything approved by Ottawa,” he said… Landon said he stands by what he said about the lack of funding for the medical devices centre but wishes he had said it differently. “I didn’t follow Conservative policy in terms of getting permission to go on that TV show and I made a comment on that show that was an embarrassment to some members of the Conservative party.”

Good comment over at GAB’s blog about all this:

Did no one tell this guy he had to check his scruples and free will at the door? What really pisses me off is the idea that candidates need party permission to talk to the voters proving that its pure fantasy to believe they work for the people.


8 comments to You were running for the wrong party, Gordon Landon

  • charles

    The Harper Government should provide the data that the Parliamentary Budget Officer – Kevin Page – has requested. Mr Page wants to review data to determine, if in-fact stimulus money is actually going out the door.

    Why is the the Harper Government stonewalling Mr. Page?

  • Roll Tide

    The councilor had his facts wrong, which means Scott is right, he will be at home in the Liberal party.
    There is plenty of stimulus spending in Markham riding, as well as Toronto, all represented by Liberal-NDP MP’s and Liberal-NDP MPP’s .All you have to do is check the web site that the Liberals themselves insisted on.

  • “All I have to say to Mr. Landon is…come on over! The Liberal Party doesn’t mind people who speak their minds and operate as actual independent individuals.”

    Hold on there. When Mr. Landon said what he said to get him into trouble, how exactly did he say it?

    If he said “Markham is being denied infrastructure money because they’re not voting Conservative. Elect me, and I’ll work to make the system fairer”, then fine, consider him as a Liberal candidate.

    If he said “Markham is being denied infrastructure money because they’re not voting Conservative, so it’s about time you voted for me,” then I have a problem. Here, he’s cynically saying “hey, if you want the goodies, you got to dance with the partner that brings you.” This sort of partisan behaviour is contemptible no matter its stripe or geography, and if Mr. Landon sees nothing wrong with the system, the Liberals would do well going with a different candidate.

    But if he meant the former? Then he’s a man with integrity. By all means: take him aboard.

  • Christina Dawn Monroe

    Well I think my favorite discussion about being allowed to speak ones mind within a party was from a lunch with my one conservative friends after I had been at convention in Vancouver. We were chatting about my experience at the Liberal convention and his experience at the last Conservative convention. He stopped me mid sentence and said. “Wait, what do you mean you are allowed to debate policies when voting on them? You are allowed to speak at a convention on polices?”

    I just stared at him in awe “You aren’t allowed to debate things at a convention? Why even belong to a party if you don’t get a say? I think you are on the wrong team. I am the policy chair for my pta but every delegate is allowed to ask for a debate!”

    I still have not convinced my poor lost conservative friend that he would be better suited to a party who wanted to hear his ideas. He is someone who is within his party regularly called a Red Tory, it wouldn’t be a far leap for him.

    The reason I enjoy our party so much is that we can be involved. It dumbfounds me that people would bother with politics if they weren’t allowed to speak their mind.

  • GAB

    The fact is he knew the rules and still wanted to run for them which shows poor judgement. While he told the truth he did not say the pork barreling was wrong so he’s till a Con at heart, no one else should want him.

  • Woodlands

    Yeah…because wandering way off message has worked so well for the Liberals recently, and Garth Turner in particular.

  • Top Can Inc.

    All I have to say to Mr. Landon is…come on over! The Liberal Party doesn’t mind people who speak their minds and operate as actual independent individuals.

  • Big Winnie

    I remember another person the CONs tried to muzzle. His name: Garth Turner and look what he did? His book “Sheeple” is a very good read into the inner workings of the CON party. As for Mr. Landon, I was surprised it took Harper and company so long to give him the boot.

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