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The grassroots/netroots CAN have an influence on their political parties.

A CBC report had this small but important snippet talking about the resolution of the Outrement situation:

Ignatieff’s decision created divisions between Coderre and Cauchon supporters and a backlash in the blogosphere.

This little entry is just my own PS to resolving Outrement peacefully: There were more then a few Liberal bloggers (including yours truly) and Liberals grassroots folks who made their displeasure known publicly and privately at how the Outrement situation was initially handled. I’m not saying they were the only reason for the decision to be reversed, as there were more then a few of the “establishment Liberals” who also were displeased and let that displeasure be known, but it goes to show that the grassroots of the Liberal Party can have some influence with the leadership (As an aside, I believe part of that influence is that the news media does pay attention to the political blogosphere, and will report on that reaction if there is enough of a strong response to whatever event has occurrred/is occurring – which will get noticed by party leaders).

It’s good to see that – and good to see Mr. Ignatieff listen to his ‘roots, rather then brush it off as an annoyance and try ignoring it. He is showing some accountability to those members.


6 comments to The grassroots/netroots CAN have an influence on their political parties.

  • Roll Tide

    Let the blogs run the political parties, and see them destruct.

    Garth Turner a case in point.

  • Miranda

    Let me see if I follow your logic. CBC reports that Iggy decision causes “rift between Cauchon and Coderre supports, and a backlash in the blogosphere”. Iggy reverses decision. Ergo, Iggy was caving into blogospheric backlash.

    I continue to be blown away by the sense of self-importance carried by bloggers, from Stephen Taylor to Warren Kinsella.

    If the leader of the Liberal Party is dumb enough to spend even five seconds worrying about what fifty-odd armchair quarterback partisans have to say about his decisions as a leader, his prospects in the next election are very grim indeed.

  • Makes you wonder what might have happened if Garth Turner had made a stink in the press in Halton.

  • I don’t know if Toe is serious, or just being a butthead. Leaders make decisions and not always the right ones. Some leaders, like Harper, never admit an error and only acquiese to a reversal with stubborn denials. As far as I can see, Ignatieff and his circle listened to our voices and chose to take the appropriate action and heat.
    Accountability typically comes after the fact, sometimes during. Where you expecting it to come before?

  • Toe

    Well that’s one way of looking at it Scott. How can you say he’s showing accountability, when it’s all AFTERWARDS? I’m sorry, but just like the grassroots of All the parties I truly believe ‘we’re just an afterthought’.

  • I wrote the party and Bob Rae ..told them exactly what would happen, if they did not listen to their grass roots.

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