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The Outrement situation is resolved the right way

This just landing in my email box from the Liberals comes this announcement regarding the riding of Outrement:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today welcomed a move by candidate Nathalie Le Prohon to run in Jeanne-Le Ber, saying Ms. Le Prohon has put party unity first and demonstrated the strength of the Liberal team in Quebec. Mr. Ignatieff also announced that following Ms. Le Prohon’s move, open nominations will be held in both Outremont and Jeanne-Le Ber.

We’re fortunate to have two good candidates in Martin Cauchon and Nathalie Le Prohon who want to join the Quebec team of the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Denis Coderre, Liberal Quebec Lieutenant.

“I look forward to running for the Liberal Party of Canada in Outremont. We are building a winning team in Quebec and throughout Canada under the strong leadership and vision of Michael Ignatieff, and thanks also to the work of Denis Coderre, who has helped build an impressive team of candidates. He can count on my support,” said Martin Cauchon. “I also want to thank Natalie for graciously offering to run in Jeanne-Le Ber. She displayed true team spirit and commitment to the Liberal cause.”

Ms. Le Prohon welcomed the opportunity to pursue the nomination in Jeanne-Le Ber. “It was clear to me that it was important for Quebec Liberals to have a say in who their representative will be,” said Ms. Le Prohon. “I look forward to the race in Jeanne-Le Ber and to representing the riding in the next election.”

So everyone appears “all for one, one for all” with these moves in the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party. Glad to see it resolved, regardless of who made the first move.


13 comments to The Outrement situation is resolved the right way

  • Roll Tide

    It seems that Cauchon and Coderre are already campaigning for the next leadership race.
    A real confidence boost for Ignatieff.

  • KS

    Do you really think Jeanne LeBer will be a cakewalk for Le Prohon? I live in the riding and the reason BQ MP Thierry St-Cyr keeps getting elected has more to do with the fact that he is a young father living in Verdun than any of the Bloc’s policies. He is an active member of the community and people here see him as one of us. I am worried that parachuting in someone from Westmount will not work.

  • DL

    I think Gary is asking why the Liberal Party is so allergic to having open democratic nomination meetings in ALL ridings. This whole controversy would never have happened if Ignatieff brought in a strict policy that in all 308 ridings there must be an open democratic nomination meeting to choose the Liberal candidate and that meeting must be well publicized and no candidates should be given any unfair advantage over the others (of course this might be sticky for Ignatieff since it might bring back memories of the sleazy undemocratic tactics that were used to shoe horn him into Etobicoke-Lakeshore leaving the local Liberal members in the dust)

    Regarding what will happen in Outremont in a general election, it will depend on many factors, but one thing I am certain of is that the NDP (and I assume the Liberals) will spend the legal maximum in that riding.

  • Joseph


    What part of there will be “open nominations will be held in both Outremont and Jeanne-Le Ber” doesn’t fit the criteria for the right solution as you suggested?

    Don’t you hate it when facts get in the way of the bullshit you’re peddling?

  • Gary

    Why wasn’t the right solution a nomination campaign where the Liberal members in Outremont select their own candidate to represent them in the election? Is the Liberal policy now officially opposed to democracy?

  • DL

    Define “quickly”. I think almost everyone who wasn’t a Liberal spin-doctor would describe this week long saga as something that has been resolved very, very, very slowly. It should never have been in the news in the first place and Ignatieff should have made a decision one way or the other on Day One and stuck with it.

  • Marie

    CK: I’m glad they resolved this issue quickly. We are so dangerously close to a Harpercon majority. Dream on CK because that’s all you’ve got. Keep your fingers and toes crossed to until an election is called.

  • CK

    I’m glad they resolved this issue quickly. We are so dangerously close to a Harpercon majority & I’m sorry to say this, but Iggy really is a poor choice to lead a party, thus it will be an uphill battle in not only trying to get support from the left, but also support from Centrists who, if I’m reading correctly, seem to be willing to vote for Harpercon, inspite of his true Reform, NCC & Canadian Alliance Colours coming through in that video, missing UN week, etc.

    I only hope that this quick resolve didn’t cause any more damage.

    I agree with Scott in Montreal, Mulcair will have even more pressure now. Cauchon could well take back Outremont for the Liberals. Also, I would have to believe that at this time, if an election were called today; folks in Outremont will vote strategically for Liberals.

    Le Prohon will more than likely take Jeanne Le Ber.

  • You may be right DL. Outremont could go either way. I think this puts pressure on Mulcair and the NDP however, and they are not exactly flush with cash.

  • DL

    I predict that Le Prohon will win in Jeanne LeBer over the weak BQ incumbent and Cauchon will be crushed by Mulcair in Outremont and everyone will be wondering who was the real idiot in this whole sad affair.

  • Joseph

    Translation of the first two comments . . .

    “Oh shit! We can’t bash him over this now.”

    Besides, all they know is that “the great one” just screws up and never fesses up to it. Lessons learned! Listening to the people. Adjusting the plan. NEVER! That’s for wusses ;).

  • Grant

    Too late, the damage is done.

  • jimmy

    What a weak Flippy Floppy leader. He can’t make the right decisions the first time and he can’t run his own party, how can we expect him to make the right decision for Canada or lead Canada. NO TO IGGY!

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