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Mark Steyn won’t be happy with these poll results.

I mention Mr. Steyn because when he isn’t busy in his US columns raving at Obama, he occasionally writes a column in Macleans raving about Obama. The most recent one basically seems to claim that Obama is losing some popularity in polls because regular American folks were opposed to his attempt to impose government-run healthcare on the freedom-loving masses (otherwise known as a Public Option, or a public insurance option, which would compete directly with national insurance companies and offer health insurance to people. Obama’s commitment to that being included in any health reform package seems to vary from public statement to public statement and the mood on any given day in the US Congress, but that’s besides the point to Mark).

Anyhow, this new poll out this AM seems to indicate there are a lot more “socialists” in the US then Mark would care to admit. Check out New York Times/CBS News poll via the Washington Monthly:

President Obama’s approval rating remains quite strong at 56%, and his handling of health care has improved seven points since August. Nearly two-thirds of the country (65%) would like to see a public option as part of health care reform, which is up five points over the last month…More than three out of four believe Republicans have not explained what they would do to improve the system, and while a clear majority believes President Obama has tried to work with the GOP, a clear majority believes the GOP has not done the same with the White House. What’s more, 64% believe Republicans are fighting against health care reform for purely political reasons, not because of principle.

The Steyn response should be something akin to “Well the NY Times helped sponsor the poll, so it must be liberally biased”, or something like that.


10 comments to Mark Steyn won’t be happy with these poll results.

  • Roll Tide

    I think Mark Steyn would like this tidbit. Remember that John Kerry in married into Heinz.
    “Senator Kerry just went on about the outrageous profits of health insurers who dominate the market and offer little choice to consumers. That’s an interesting point considering that according to the website of Heinz ketchup, the company holds a 60 percent retail market share. Heinz products enjoy #1 or #2 market share in more than 50 countries. And according to Yahoo Finance, Heinz profits (8.6 percent) are more than double the health insurance industry (3.3 percent). Government run Ketchup, anyone?”

    From NRO online

  • Roll Tide

    I am not sure what Mark Steyn has to do with a poll that shows Obama numbers down significantly from 8 months ago. If you are a Canadian Obama supporter I am not so sure why you would be giddy about it, maybe because Ignatieff`s poll numbers are worse.

    Mark Steyn is a thorn in the side of the out of control HRC`s. He doesn’t play dead and let the left silence him through the intimidation of censorship. If this is an irritant to the left, so be it.

    Side note. NBC has responded to accusation of racism, calling it bogus.

  • slg

    People actually read Steyn? The guy is an ego-nutbar

    • @slg, he is – National Review Online in the US is full of right-wing wackos, so Steyn is clearly at home there, but he gets the most comments out of any writer at Macleans. He has a fan club up here that makes sure they praise his columns as the virtue of truth and clear thinking, and an equal number that post on there saying he’s out to lunch.

      • Roll Tide

        @Scott Tribe,
        The HRC types detest him as much as Scott. He does not fit their Orwellian mold of “political correctness”.
        Thank God (am I allowed to mention his name here?), Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant have stood up to the bullies in the “human rights” industry, much to the chagrin of liberalism.

        Liberal MP Keith Martin, exception (must be his nasty Reform roots)

  • Miranda

    …and incidentally, I really don’t think Mark Steyn cares about polls. Certainly not to the degree you seem to…

  • Miranda

    It’s pretty clear that Steyn’s entire column is merely arguing that people who disagree with Obama do so because they don’t like his policies, and not simply because he’s black.

    • @Miranda, true.. that’s the jist of it, but I’m taking aim at his scorning Obama as a 50/50 president in national popularity, and a radical for trying to impose (amongst other things) government-run health care on the protesting masses in the US.

      These poll results today clearly show the silent majority in the US don’t mind having a public option, and Obama’s popularity is a bit higher then Steyn is willing to give Obama credit for – hence my post.

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