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Good point.

This comes from a commentator at Macleans, commenting on Harper’s speech at the Tim Horton’s, who apparently felt it was more important to lauding its HQ return to Canada and trying to take credit for it, rather then waste time listening to President Obama and other world leaders speak at the UN (or waste time speaking there himself):

…a few weeks after helping pack the truck of Nortel and all its belongings, Harper’s out backslapping the Joe and Jills for having brought Tim Horton back from the States… the place he then returned to for more photo op/tv appearances…


4 comments to Good point.

  • Symbolically, its a nice photo op for Harper. As per his MO, it is just fluff in the real world. Can he pander to the high school educated class any more? The only worrisome part is that if you look behind most TiHo counters, you’re seeing more and more recent immigrants who’ve found real career opportunities evaporating. This message and photo may score points with that group, another demographic we have to battle to regain the confidence of.
    Oh and thanks for clipping my McLeans quip. But you left out the FoxNews cheap shot!

  • Tim Hortons coming back to Canada will save it a lot of money by not having to pay for exorbitant health care benefits.

  • Roll Tide

    The NDP were against the corporate tax reductions.

  • kat

    Ya well, if anyone is interested in the truth, the corporate tax reductions are Martin’s idea and budget.

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