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Harper AWOL at UN Climate meetings – and gets called out by CTV’s Robert Fife (!)

When Bob Fife of CTV News calls Harper out on this as well as the lack of “any significant action on the environment” from his government, that’s blunt indeed, coming from CTV News.

Harper would rather meet the Mayor of New York then 100 world leaders – including President Obama – on this crucial meeting leading up to Copenhagen. Really though, in defense of Harper, why should he show up at this meeting when he and everyone else at this conference knows he’s just going to hastily follow whatever President Obama ends up doing (It was nice though that he decided to show up for the free dinner at the event tonight – he has to be sociable at some point and time, right?).


5 comments to Harper AWOL at UN Climate meetings – and gets called out by CTV’s Robert Fife (!)

  • TofKW

    …or maybe CTV is beginning to realize that Harper can’t last forever and they’d better stop propping him up all the time. ‘Twould be bad for future government hand outs to save ‘local TV’ under a Liberal government that still remembers episodes of Mike Duffy Live.

  • kwittet

    Scott…seems to me it was just less than a year ago you hated CTV for their conservative bias and wanted them all to lose their jobs? Now you like them again. I am lost? Sorry. I forgot, the wind changed direction~~

  • Frank

    I think Harper was AWOL because he was busy making payment arrangements to have his picture projected up on the big screen at Time Square … oh, wait … sorry… that was someone else 🙂

  • kwittet

    Cant say I blame Harper for not wanting to meet Obama. I not a fan of the man AT ALL!!

  • JMR

    The country would be in better shape if the media were to get on Harper’s case not on his bandwagon. Good for Bob Fife for calling him out

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