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Iggy: Harpers clean energy investments are worse then Sarah Palin’s.

The best zinger of the Iggy economic speech today was arguably during this sequence:


15 comments to Iggy: Harpers clean energy investments are worse then Sarah Palin’s.

  • i admire Sarah Palin because she had done a lot in the area of politics. she has also a good track record when she was still the governor of Alaska.

  • I admire Sarah Palin because she had also done a lot in the area of Politics specially in Alaska where she was a governor.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @acnetreatmentboy, like not finishing a term, getting embroiled in ethical investigations and interfering with the Wasilla library. Yeah that’s a lot she has done but mostly for the detriment of Alaska.

  • Dirk Gibson

    Let’s see… Ignatieff said Harper’s comments in the House were “Nixon-esque”. Now he compares Harper to Sarah Palin. Is there any doubt this American sees everything through a US prism?

  • Lorraine

    Ignatieff is comparing state funding to federal funding. I find that odd. Does he not think the provinces should be paying for research and development and clean energy initiatives?

    If you add up the provincial and then municipal initiatives Canada can hold it’s head up high. I am quite tired of Ignatieff bad mouthing MY country.

    Alberta alone is spending 2 billion on carbon sequestration, another 550 million in collaboration with Texas on joint R&D initiatives and the city of Edmonton is going to be turning 95% of its waste into green energy.

    Other provinces are equally far thinking and investing for the future.

    Ignatieff thinks big brother Ottawa should control everything?

  • Sherv

    Iggy needs to come clean… start fresh… and present himself as opposed to trying hard to destroy Harper’s image… Harper is weak and cynical and it surprises me that there is not one smart liberal candidate out there who knows how to tackle this guy and bring him down… NDP are scared of an election because they can only dream of getting this number of MPs elected… so Liberals should stand on their own feet, cut all ties with NDP and the coalition crap… provide a “VISION” for Canada… after Obama I think Canadians have higher expectations and the old campaign trick just won’t do it anymore!

  • jimmy

    What is the Liberal Plan? Stop running against something and run for something. This is how Liberals win ideas, not fear.

    • kwittet

      @jimmy, Jimmy. I say that on here all the time. I will admit to being a conservative supporter but have also admitted than I have voted Liberal many years ago. Right now they(liberals) look very disorganized and weak. They have no ideas. I like the comment to look at the books then decide??(trust any politician that says that? NOT LIKELY) So here is what will happen. First Iggy will pull a DALTON for the next how many years blaming Harper(and RAISING TAXES). Dalton still blames Harris but if he was a good leader and effective he would have fixed it (he is well into his second term). Sorry..he did fix it by raising taxes over 250 times and making sure the working class goes no where. SO this is what we have to look forward to with Iggy and his band of merry pocket picking liberals!!!! NO THANKS

      • Jon Pertwee

        @kwittet, 250 tax increases? How come that has never made the news. That’s a tax increase a week for nearly 5 years. Methinks you exaggerate.

  • Prairie Kid

    Instead of throwing zingers, maybe Ignatieff would have been better off to tell Canadians what a Liberal government would have done differently or what they would do differently if they’re elected. Saying that decisions will be made after auditing the books is NOT a platform promise. I’m beginning to believe these “Liberal Insiders” when I hear that Ignatieff doesn’t have a plan.

  • Joseph

    Good Post. I’m glad Ignatieff is getting out there. Hope the rest of the caucus continues to increase media exposure as well.

    (note: title should read “worse than” not “worse then”)

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