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Time to defeat the other half of the former ‘power couple’

This was an interesting story on Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer being described as a “would-be power couple unplugged”:

In 2001, an aide did an interview with a Vancouver radio show in Jaffer’s name. Jaffer first said he’d done the interview, and then confessed…On election night last year, he gave a victory speech, then had to concede defeat to the NDP candidate when the final results were in. When he announced he would seek the nomination again, his riding association told him not to bother.

Guergis, too, has shown less than impeccable judgment. She had a series of meetings in Mexico in 2008 as minister of state for foreign affairs and international trade. She nibbled canapés at a reception in Guadalajara, without visiting Canadian Brenda Martin, who was imprisoned about 20 minutes away. Said Guergis: “That’s not my job.” On the Collingwood video, Mercer asked her how many had been laid off from local ski resorts (in her riding) due to the warm winter. She didn’t know exactly.

I’ll also mention a particularly odious event for me and other Liberal supporters when Guergis decided to reveal prematurely (against travel protocol) that then-Liberal leader Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff were headed to Afghanistan, and used that breach of security as a partisan instance to attack their positions and the LPC’s position on Afghanistan at the time, potentially endangering their safety. One half of this wanna-be “power couple” has been dethroned (politically); It would be very sweet to remove the other half and defeat Guergis in her Simcoe-Grey riding at the next election. That’s still going to be a difficult task, but not impossible, particularly when some controversy has erupted in her riding over what appears to be political favoritism in the handing out of money to a local private school, where a grant was turned down to the town of Collingwood for the building of public facilities under the same program.

We’ll see if that and this latest issue of her husband’s uncertain legal troubles carries over to an election campaign and resonates against her in her riding. I know the Liberals will be gunning for her riding, and among a long list of Ontario Conservative MP’s I’d like to see defeated, Guergis is near the top of the list. At the very least though, I’d like to see what’s left of her political power neutralized, and she can join Jaffer as a “power couple unplugged”.


19 comments to Time to defeat the other half of the former ‘power couple’

  • The Guergis protocol blunder also put the lives of Canadian soldiers at risk — since top-level politicians from an anti-taliban nation would attract possible fire and put those in line under attack.
    It was amazing that it didn’t receive more flack from all sides — media, military etc. It exemplified how partisan and prone to dangerous rhetoric the CONs and supporters are.
    If the good citizens of Simcoe-Grey decide to do Canada a favour and let Guergus go back to the private sector, I’m sure Jaffer would approve. I won’t touch the personal troubles he’s facing, since I agree with Roll Tide on just that part. Who’s our candidate in that riding so that I can send her/him a cheque?

    • Roll Tide


      You are right.

      The Afghan issue, its fair game. If you can get traction go for it, its when the personal stuff on Jaffer as political fodder is added.
      Canadians relate to personal struggles, every family has one.

  • Roll Tide

    You do not make it an issue. Remember Michael Bryant?
    The Ontario Conservatives left it alone, as they should.
    Offer sympathy.
    And THAT was serious, very serious. A former Liberal Attorney General, not some former back bencher.
    I am giving you free advice, things like this you leave alone, former MP’s, family of MP’s (Chretiens son).
    You will not win brownie points, it will blow up in your face.
    You show GRACE!, and use discretion.

  • Big Winnie

    Scott points out that Guergis and her husband have totally messed up…How is that partisan?

    Now, let’s talk about hypocrisy…Jaffer “says” he is against drugs and gets busted for cocaine posession…Hmmmm…Innocent until proven guilty…HAH…Had it been a Liberal, the CONs would have been all over it…

    You get what you deserve!!

  • Give me a break! Cons would never leave this alone if it was a Liberal. A coke habit is a tough thing to hide because it costs so much money. Look at the Nanny issue and Ruby and she wasn’t even guilty of anything. Regardless we had to have a public blow out over it cause the Cons wanted it. Suck it up buttercups!

  • Roll Tide

    It would be wise for Liberals not to touch this Jaffer-Guergis
    thing. Scott’s salivating is unseemly. Jaffer has legal issues now, any Liberal piling on will backfire and blow up in there face. Liberals will not win in making it partisan.
    One has to feel sympathy for the family, much like one feels sympathy for the Michael Bryant family (former Liberal AG).
    Sideshow Bob makes a good point regarding the addictions and legal problems of Jean Chretien’s son.
    Chretiens son, Michael Bryant, Jaffer, all private citizens.
    Leave them alone from partisan attacks. No one has a perfect family, things happen. Show some grace.
    Scott needs to rethink this.

  • slg

    Con trolls are out in full force, like they’re instructed to do by PM……..can’t think for themselves.

    Sad isn’t it.

    • @slg, Pogge isn’t a Con supporter, if you’re referring to him. Sideshow Bob though I agree; rather comical complaining how “partisan” I am, when all I have to do to see perfect examples of hyper-partisanship is the Blogging Tory website and its members.

      Check out the blogposts at the time.. and if anyone can find me even 5-10 Blogging Tory websites at the time who thought Guergis had gone over the top with her security breach/hyper-partisanship tactic, I’ll be surprised.

  • I’ll also mention a particularly odious event for me and other Liberal supporters…
    Are you suggesting that only Liberal supporters would object to the security breach with all it implies? I think your tribal instincts might be getting the best of you.

    • @pogge, Not at all; I’m sure others of other non-Conservative political persuasion were offended as well. But, you’d understand why we Liberal supporters would take particular offense at Guergis and her bone-headed move which resulted in security being breached and the potential safety of the leader and deputy leader of the Official Opposition being put at risk, all in the name of Guergis trying to attack the loyalties of the Liberal Party to the Canadian Forces and mission.

  • Sideshow Bob

    What an icky partisan you are.

    • @Sideshow Bob, I don’t see anything icky about wanting Guergis defeated, or the fact I think her actions in the past have shown her to be of questionable Cabinet material.

      If you don’t like my postings, you don’t have to read the site.

      • Sideshow Bob

        @Scott Tribe,

        “We’ll see if that and this latest issue of her husband’s uncertain legal troubles carries over to an election campaign and resonates against her in her riding.”

        You really think that her constituents will punish her for “her husband’s uncertain legal troubles”? Why?

        She is undoubtedly suffering now, through no fault of her own. Yet you pick this as a good time to slime her?

        I most certainly do not like your postings. Neither should you. Icky partisan indeed.

        • @Sideshow Bob, It’s called pointing out the hypocrisy of her husband’s statements where it comes to drug use and her own statements, as it pertains to them being critical of other parties stances on that issue. . Some people in that riding might call that being “hypocritical”. We’ll see how it plays out.

          As I said, if you don’t like the postings.. go somewhere else.. and remind the Blogging Tories of your outrage at their “icky partisanship”, which they do on a constant and daily basis of far greater “ickyness” then what I do here.

        • Sideshow Bob

          @Sideshow Bob, Scott, do you think that voters should have punished Jean Chretien because his son was convicted of assault?

        • Sideshow Bob

          @Scott Tribe, I guess being a Liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Sideshow Bob, hilarious example of hypocrisy. Do you have any panes left in your glass house?

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