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The Liberal Top-10 list

In brief, if you want some reasons why the Liberals have decided to oppose this government and no longer will vote confidence in it, here are some reasons: 10 of them, to be precise.

As an aside, I’m seeing some blogs out there pondering why Ignatieff and the Liberals would pick now to oppose the government, since we’re at a stage in the country where “no one wants an election”, and where the polls have shown some Conservative movement in their favour. You might remember some of us Liberal bloggers have long argued that we should start factoring in opposing this government and voting against it -with the knowledge it might bring the Conservatives down – based on principle (ie we’re opposed in principle to certain pieces of Conservative legislation, or the way Harper and the Conservatives are just doing things in general – ie the isotope issue, or trying to leave certain Canadians in trouble overseas to fend for themselves), and not just because of strategical considerations, or eyeballing whether the poll #’s were in our favour or not.

I’ve talked to a few Liberals, and they are very aware of some of the polls showing some slippage, but they still are happy with Ignatieff’s new combative stance. There is the feeling that a 6 week campaign would turn those poll #’s around. There is also the feeling among a fair number of Liberals that even if we lose in the election campaign, it’s better to go down with guns blazing and a bang, rather then a whimper of meekly backing off and looking weak. I am one of those who are very pleased we are actually going to act like the Official Opposition.


8 comments to The Liberal Top-10 list

  • Frank


    I have to hand it to you: the Liberal party sure doesn’t give you much to work with, but you always make an honest effort, day after day, to try to squeeze some drips of water out of the LPC policy stone.

    I can appreciate that running your blog must take a lot of time, and may go pretty well unappreciated, and while I have a much different perspective on almost everything that you argue (maybe the benefit of years and experience), I also admire how hard you work to try to make something out of the little scraps of ideas that you are afforded by your party.

    In my humble opinion, if you work as hard, and are as creative, for your employer (or school) as you do here, you should undoubtedly be very successful one day. It’s certainly not your fault that the LPC has lost its way, thrashes about, leaves you nothing but little dried crumbs of muddled and confused messages to work with. But, but no one that stops by your blog, like I do, can argue that you don’t do your best to try to shine these messages in some sort of relevant light no matter how meager or outlandish they are. Sincerely, you do an admirable job on your day to day effort to try to untangle, organize, prioritize, and try to make some sort of sense of the nonsense your Party has become (again, not your fault). You are actually doing their job for them, I hope they appreciate it.


  • kwittet

    3) Harper’s broken promise not to raise taxes with a $13 billion EI payroll tax grab

    thats a huge laugh coming from liberals who are notorious for raising taxes. does the name dalton ring a bell. over 250 new taxes in less than two terms?

  • Ti-Guy

    Off topic. I’m going to teach you the difference between “then” and “than.” I’m not going to explain the theory, I’m going to give you a practical tip:

    If you need the word then/than in a sentence, ask yourself this question: If I replace the word then/than with “subsequently” does the sentence still make sense? If so, use “then.” If not, use “than.”


    1. He went to the barber shop and…

    A) then
    B) than

    …remembered he had forgotten his wallet.

    2. He his bigger…

    A) then
    B) than

    …his brother.

    You have 5 minutes to complete the test.

  • kwittet

    Scott…your argument about the isotope issue is lame

    Ignatieff also railed against Canada letting the world down on medical isotopes saying Harper “cancelled the MAPLE reactors that would have guaranteed Canadian leadership in isotope supply.” Nice try, but no glowing nuclear rod, Iggy. The MAPLE reactors weren’t cancelled so much as they just don’t work and never have. They were commissioned by Chretien, went tens of millions of dollars over budget, were years behind schedule and experts believe they are unsalvageable. How is that Harper’s fault?

  • Has anyone made the connection between H1N1 body bags and death panels yet? Or has it been done to death? Oops. LOL.

  • jimmy

    Reason number 2 is swine flu? I have read a few articles about how an election would speed up the vectors and spread of the virus. So becuase we have no plan we should have an election to help make it worse? Ohhhhh Liberals you scare me.

  • hi Scott…first of all you know I hate Harper and his Cons more than I do just about ANYTHING. So you don’t need to tell me he’s a bad guy, he really has to go, and the sooner the better. And I should also make it really clear that if Ignatieff was able to dethrone the tyrant I’d be extremely happy. You should also know that I NEVER taunted the Liberals for not bringing down the Cons over the last two years. Because what’s the point of forcing and election when you are in no shape to fight one? And to sugest otherwise would have been ridiculous.
    But now that the Liberals are in shape to fight an election I just want to warn about an excess of enthusiasm, because I honestly believe that the time is not right. I would prefer to wait maybe three months, when people have forgotten his vote-buying binge, the weather is more gloomy, the unemployed are pouring off E.I. and onto the welfare rolls,and people are sicker of Harper than they are now.
    Then when the Liberal polls start rising…just like they did when Ignatieff was blasting them in the Spring…and Harper’s polls are going south, by all means defeat them, crush them, finish them off.
    Finally, please remind the Liberal members of my progressive family that being a voice of moderation is new to me. And it hurts like HELL… 😉
    Good luck.

    • kwittet

      @Simon, I love the term vote buying. Why does every party cry foul when just before an election politicians go nuts spending money? THEY ALL DO IT!!
      Another lame argument!

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