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Things that make you go hmm.

In light of some rather bizarre news, I wish to leave you with this thought:

There are many politicians out there that have proven to be hypocrites, but these extra extreme cases of hypocrisy pop up from time to time (ie. taking a hardline position against gay marriage/gay rights when they themselves are secretly gay, preaching family values when they’re secretly seeing prostitutes behind their wife’s back, and so on).

From what I have observed, I believe many of those taking the most vociferous stances against a position they are themselves secretly actually doing or participating in are not just taking that hypocritical position to help advance their political party’s fortunes, or their own political fortunes, but are doing so in the most extreme and public manner in order to try and conceal the very thing from the public they profess to despise. In otherwards, they’re acting totally the opposite towards that position in order to divert  suspicion away from them on whatever it is they’re actually participating in.

Of course, Mr Jaffer is innocent til proven guilty, and I actually hope for his sake that he isn’t guilty, and doesn’t join a line of politicians (or ex-politicians)  that have been publicly humiliated because of this type of extreme public hypocrisy.


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