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BQ will support Conservatives on Ways and Means, but NDP still on the hook

No real surprise here, because the Bloc had already indicated almost 2 weeks ago it would likely vote for the Ways and Means motion to ensure the Home Renovation Tax Credit would pass.

That means the heat is still on the NDP, because the Liberals have a formal agreement from the EI panel discussions in June with the Conservatives to be able to introduce a non-confidence motion on or around September 28. The Bloc has previously indicated it would probably vote against the Conservatives on a non-confidence vote, even if it did support the Ways and Means motion, so again, the onus will fall on the NDP, and if you believe some media analysts, they’re likely to formally support the Conservative government, but we shall see.

That said, I’m thinking Andrew Coyne’s prediction that the NDP will fold over having an election is suddenly better then even odds today.


3 comments to BQ will support Conservatives on Ways and Means, but NDP still on the hook

  • Those who are familiar with Ottawa going’s on know who’s controlling the election fates now, and it isn’t Ignatieff. It takes two parties to tango to make parliament ‘work’ but three parties to bring down a government, unless that government doesn’t want to survive.
    Harper enjoys pulling strings and pushing buttons much too much for someone charged with providing good governance to the populace; his only concern is and has been to create havoc and to whip up emotions because logical, rational presentation of the issues won’t lead to a CON majority.
    Considering the Liberals gave it 79 attempts to make parliament work, I’d say they’ve done their best (with reservations). It wasn’t them that produced a handbook on how to disrupt committees, who broke an election law just to try to avoid being brought down during an economic downturn, disavowed any governmental role in stimulating the economy until forced by a near-death experience… The Harper crew are scumming up Canada’s reputation at home and abroad, and we all know they’d be playing the same cards that the far-right republicans are using these days to breathe life into their hateful agenda.

  • Roll Tide

    The people do not want an election. It seems every one except the visiting professor realizes this.

  • I will re-iterate what I’ve been saying for a while: all that Jack or the NDP have said is that they are open to supporting a motion that moves us in the right direction on EI. The NDP has given no indication whatsoever that it intends to vote confidence in the government on any sort of ongoing basis. So, if the Bloc votes in favour of a Liberal non-confidence motion, we are probably headed for an election.

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