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Taking a temporary break is good.

If you were wondering why on this Monday I didn’t bother with any comments on the House back in session, and specifically whether the NDP is going to try claiming all those times the Liberals didn’t vote to bring the government down is somehow different from the support the NDP may or may not offer the Conservative government.. etc etc, I was up in London today on some business, visiting my grandfather in the Veterans wing at Parkwood Hospital, and helping to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday with family members.

Some things are more important then politics, and I think I’m allowed an off-day here and there 😉


2 comments to Taking a temporary break is good.

  • Roll Tide

    I agree. I took the summer off politics to be with family.

  • janfromthebruce

    I agree – at the end of the day why we do what we do should be about our care for others – starting with those closest to us.

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