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Harper and his ‘Hidden Agenda’ at the TIFF?

I don’t know if this REALLY is at the Toronto International Film Festival or not, 😉 but this is well done, regardless, and I’ll give it a personal award for creativity and in the “best documentary in one minute or so” category:

Note the audio and video from the Conservative Party only meeting last week where Harper unmuzzled himself to throw red meat to the CPC base, little knowing that a student (that we now know was Young Liberal Justin Tetreault, former blogger at Northern Ontario Liberal, and who now has a blogging gig at the site), recorded this for all of Canada to hear and see. Well done Justin, and well done to the folks who made this video.


3 comments to Harper and his ‘Hidden Agenda’ at the TIFF?

  • Troy

    Wow a P.M. who wants a majority! Thats never happened before.

    Next thing you know someone will compare Obama’s health care proposal to Nazi’s.

    You’re all nutjobs; two sides of the same coin.

  • This is a good first step. The contemptuousness Harper shows when his guard is down is perhaps more damaging than the words he used. The meaning behind those words is of course the most troubling. But do hammer, hammer, hammer away until it sinks in with Canadians what we’re really dealing with here. I would so love to hear Chretien, Martin, Broadbent, Clark, Stronach etc. come out and give their reactions. It would be nice to see them back up Iggy, Duceppe and Layton on what they’re saying about this being the real Harper. Hopefully the Libs are busy lining them up. There must be a host of people…

  • Yes, thanks Justin. I was saying all through the last election that Harper had an agenda, and it wasn’t hidden if you knew where to look. There were a myriad of far-right comments that he made when he was with the NCC or opposition leader that were and are still on the public record. I and others were frequently ridiculed by Harper supporters for being paranoid, conspiracy theorists, whatever. Now we have evidence that Harper still has these views. Not thrilled that a sitting PM is saying those things, but at least the truth is out there for all to see.

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