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This is your speech to convince the Canadian public the nation’s finances are in good hands?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty decided to hold a press conference today, which initially led to all sorts of speculation what it might be – perhaps a crafty move to try and pressure opposition parties not to vote the Conservative Government down?

If that was the goal, I’m not sure this speech is going to do it:

The Conservatives admitted today that the federal government deficit would be worse — a total of $101 billion this year and next — than expected and that the government cannot say when it will balance the books again…In the budget, Flaherty had predicted that the government would begin running budget surpluses again in 2013-14 but he now says there will be an $11.2 billion deficit that year, followed by another deficit of $5.2 billion the following year. He said the deficit this year will hit $55.9 billion, up from the $33.7 billion shortfall predicted in January. And next year’s deficit will hit $45.3 billion, up from the January prediction of $30 billion. During last year’s election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada would not suffer an economic recession and the federal government would not run a budget deficit.

To quote what Michael Ignatieff said about this bunch, You can’t count on a government that can’t count.

UPDATE: Check out Ignatieff’s press conference today. He was commenting in general on Harper’s “Unmuzzled” Speech, but he did get around to Flaherty claiming that he should get Canada out of deficit by 2015 – his quote was “if pigs can fly”.


3 comments to This is your speech to convince the Canadian public the nation’s finances are in good hands?

  • kwittet

    Of course the deficit is rising. Harper has to spend more billions on infrastructure due to the balanced budgets of the past liberal governments downloading and neglecting these projects!!

  • Bonnie N BC

    Even my cynical side will give Flaherty the one truism – we cannot project the real number and how the cards will fall by 2015.

    Having said that he and the government through Stephen Harper have been less than truthful on the direction the government really wants to take Canada.

    But all one has to do is see that tape of PM Hsrper to understand how serious Canadians should take this possible election.

    Will they? I guess we will see because if people sit out this election Steve might get his majority.

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