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Stephen Harper: Unmuzzled

Stephen Harper has tried very hard to cultivate himself as a moderate conservative in public. That mask slipped off however in a speech to the party faithful in Sault Ste. Marie last week that was behind closed doors and meant for their ears only. Unfortunately for Harper, Harper’s speech was videotaped by an audience attendee, and it eventually made its way to CBC News. Here it is, in all of its “speech to throw red meat to the base” glory:

Some more details that Warren listed at his site:

A sampling of what the Cons didn’t want you to hear:

· On his claim to be satisfied with a Parliamentary majority: “Let me be clear about this, we need to win a majority in the next election campaign…we need to win a majority…to teach them a lesson.”
· On women, gays and minorities which are helped by a government program: “[They’re] left-wing fringe groups.”
· On gun control: “We are still trying to get rid of that registry…we need a mandate to get that thing passed.”
· On our international allies: “[We don’t poll] the U.N. General Assembly to determine Canada’s foreign policy.”
· On judges: “[They’re] left-wing ideologues.”

As Jeff says, he tells us why he wants an election, why it must be a majority, and rails against judges, child care, gun control, the United Nations, and groups that fight for minority rights.

To be sure, the Conservative “base” will lap this up. I doubt the majority of Canadians will agree with Mr. Harper’s sentiments, however, which sounds a lot like his “Canada is a second-rate socialist country” spiels in the past. My kudos to the person who was able to tape this and smuggle it out to be able to show/remind Canada what Mr. Angry Prime Minister sounds like and really believes, and to show why an election is necessary.

This is the small Canada that Harper wants. Not only can we do better then this, but we deserve better:


19 comments to Stephen Harper: Unmuzzled

  • Aro

    I can’t believe this is all over the news. Harper wants to win a majority? Really? Because not every political leader has the intention of winning?

    …”imagine how many left wing ideologues they would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate, I should say how many more they would be putting in…(5:49 minutes)”

    That’s not even about our current judges. That’s about future judges that would be put into power if the liberals won.

    We’ve had a Harper government for quite a while now and Canada hasn’t been destroyed. In fact, it’s the same Canada it has been. You can’t deny that what happens in the world affects us, too. And there’s not much Harper could have done about the American economy…nor could anyone else have.

    I don’t wake up every morning thinking, “Gee, if only Harper hadn’t done x I could be doing y” There’s nothing he is limiting me doing.

    It’s the same Canada. The fact that Harper tells his supporters that they need to win is what any leader should be doing. Imagine if he said, “we should lose next election or at least not win so much.”

    I’d love to see some real news about Harper instead of this nonsense.

    • kwittet

      @Aro, But Scott and his lefty buddies who are basically closet socialists who want a wishy washy bubble-wrapped world cant get off the red cool aid long enough to realize that even if Iggy gets in nothing is really going to be any different.
      What they believe is that with Iggy doing his thing
      1. The recession will end immediatly
      2. The record deficits will disappear.
      3. We can take the guns away from those nasty conservative supporters.

      How will they do all this so fast. He will copy Jean Chretien and Paul Martins guide to raping the provinces of more transfer payments which is how those two idiots balanced the books in the first place. THen as the infrastructure crumbled it was provinces and municipalities that had to foot the bills and are still paying for it. Then when the provinces and municipalities HAD to raise taxes it made them look bad while the Chretien and company came out looking good in some rose coloured eyes!!

      • @kwittet, Anyone who thinks I’m a closet socialist either a) doesn’t know the difference between liberalism and socialism, or b) doesn’t apparently understand my political views, or c) all of the above.

        • kwittet

          @Scott Tribe, I knew I could get a rise out of you on that one Scott. See I’ve always had the impression that liberals are only one step behind socialist but just too afraid to admit it!

    • Gayle

      @Aro, That is hilarious.

      We have had liberal governments for most of our history, and our country has flourished under the LPC’s governance. And that is despite all those “left wing judges”…

  • Northmount

    How dare Harper want a majority, I think he should behave like Joe Clark or Robert Stanfield, and be a moderate loser.
    Only Liberals deserve to aim for a majority.

    • Frank


      Well said. Can you believe the absurdity of the arguments (here) that Harper is being a bully by rallying his supporters to a majority? The blog owner puts up a video of Harper speaking to his supporters in private against Ignatieff’s scripted green screen TV ad and tries to compare the two messages to imply something about the leader’s characters … what an incredible imagination!

      I hope Mike Babcock, the head coach of Canadian men’s hockey team doesn’t take and leadership tips from the Liberals, or we would hear:

      “Come on Team Canada, it’s the final game against the US … let’s really tie them good, or at least give it the good old Harvard-try-hard spirit (by the way, I have been talking to the Russians and a few of their players may come to play with us if it looks like we’re really getting whipped (don’t tell anyone))”.

      Liberals and their supporters … so very simple, and so very entertaining!

    • kwittet

      @Northmount, Its funny because I never looked at it with that view but you hit the nail so right on the head. I say so what about this video.

  • Big Winnie

    Now, we’ve seen the REAL Harper…someone who is incapable of working with others for the greater good of the country.

  • Kursk

    Well Ricky, How is Harper wrong? The Left HAS been stacking the judiciary, the civil service and the senate since the days of PET.It’s his prerogative to change that, as his party is not the Liberal party, and has a different vision for Canada.

    We will go to the polls and then you can register your complaint (via ballot) for your chosen candidate, to help support your party to get back into power.If elected, they can exercise their right to shape the policies of the land.

    • @Kursk, I will vote, you can count that one!

    • Gayle

      For one thing, we do not have a politicized judiciary in this country. It does not matter who appoints them – the law is the law. Harper is the one who wants to change that.

    • kwittet

      @Kursk, During June and July 1984, outgoing PM Pierre Trudeau and incoming PM John Turner appointed at least 225 people, the vast majority of whom were said to be Liberal Party supporters, to senior level government positions as senators, judges, ambassadors, commission members, crown corporation executives and civil servants. Some of these appointments created a great deal of public criticism as an abuse of public office, and at least one member of Trudeau’s Cabinet publicly criticized Trudeau for ignoring competence in some of the appointments.

  • Lorraine

    I thought his speech was quite inspiring and he did not say anything that is not also said by other parties when talking about their opponents.
    In fact – Ralph Goodale just said yesterday in Edmonton that the country needs a majority government for long term stability which will help the economic recovery.

    Is it only bad when Conservatives say it?

  • A Delicate Balance

    We really can do better than Harper. Even if you’re generally a conservative supporter, I’d hope that his duplicitous, narrow-minded, control-freak personality would be enough to make you think twice about voting for him. On top of that, perhaps if he gets kicked out of power, the conservatives will have to re-think their strategy. Clearly bullying and pandering to their base is not the way to get a majority mandate – to do that you have to reach out, beyond your partisan fellows and actually give a broad spectrum Canadians something they want.

  • His comments and what he implies with respect to the Supreme Court are scary. I posted his exact words on the courts and on the gun registry on my blog.

    Harper said…”imagine how many left wing ideologues they would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate, I should say how many more they would be putting in…(5:49 minutes)”

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