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This was a pleasant surprise when I saw this: my friend Jonathan Ross, who used to do some political commentary at TDH Strategies, has returned to online commenting at the new site

What will CivicScene discuss? Here’s what the site says in their own words:

CivicScene is a new voice on the Vancouver municipal blogging scene that aspires to provide informative, balanced and interesting viewpoints on the most pressing issues in municipal politics and policymaking. The blog will be managed by a team of progressive voices (many of which will continue to be added to this profile as further collaborations are struck) from across North America who will be able to bring forth new ideas and perspectives from a variety of cities, including Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago.

The site’s been up for a week, and been quite active. Jonathan’s latest post deals with Municipal strategies for the federal election. Jonathan was always an interesting and at times controversial writer when he wrote at TDH (which is one reason why he was interesting to read), so I’m pleased to see him back online. I know I’ll be watching and reading the site with interest. I hope you will as well.


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  • Jon Pertwee

    out of curiosity, has your friend Jonathan Ross ever had emails about the other Jonathan Ross’ suspension from the BBC earlier this year?

    The other Jonathan Ross has an excellent series on Japanese pop culture called Japanorama btw. I highly recommend it merely for the fun toys.

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