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Polls, glass houses, and Nervous Nellies

Some stuff that catches my eye this afternoon:

– I’m always a tad skeptical about anything that John Ivison writes in the National Post, particularly as it has to do with ‘Liberal insiders”, but even if there are a few “Nervous Nellies” amongst the Liberal caucus, good on Ignatieff for taking a page out of Jean Chretien’s book and facing them down, if true. One of the things that I believe did Dion in was his failure to just say to the nervous Nellies in his caucus that “I’m the leader of this party, and we’re going to vote against the government” and be done with it, rather then allow them to openly and behind his back foment dissent against it, and cause him to change his mind and come out looking rather weak in the process.

– Courtesy of Steve, another poll out today – this time from Harris-Decima showing a slight uptick in Conservative fortunes, but more or less holding steady Liberal fortunes. No regional specifics out as of yet (keep an eye on Steve’s site), but nothing in that poll initially frightens me really either. (UPDATE @ 5:06 pm: Regionals are out, and Steve discusses them, but the Liberals have more or less held their own).

– I too, am amused that a Blogging Tory, (and not just any random one, but the big cheese himself, Stephen Taylor) is outraged at a Liberal 10 percenter. How dare the Liberals engage in tit-for-tat flyers! (and Dosanjh isn’t even shipping these to other ridings – this one is only going out to his own constituents so far, though it wouldn’t bother me if these got sent elsewhere too. The “Harper Sales Tax” has a nice ring to it).


5 comments to Polls, glass houses, and Nervous Nellies

  • Northern PoV

    I am just sick of “Liberal Insiders” bad mouthing Liberals.
    We are supposed to trust guys like Ivison?

    Lazy journalism.

  • Big Winnie

    Scott and Steve,

    You two are voices of reason in this whole debacle. I am on record for wanting the election because the government has lied to me (fixed election dates, senate appointments) not to mention disregard for the authority (Poilievre’s (sp) confrontation with Speaker Milliken comes to mind as well as the lawsuit against Elections Canada).

    What about honesty, accountability, integrity?
    What about protecting Canadian companies?
    What about about protecting Canadian resources?
    What about protecting Canadians?

    Until there is a change of governments, I guess we’ll never know.

  • Yes, because Liberal insiders run to John Ivison of the National Post to get things off their chest.

    I’ve talked to a few Liberal insiders myself, everyone is jacked and ready to go. Not a hint of worry.

    Just curious too, why is that all our partisan opponents spend so much time trying to tell us what a huge mistake we’re making? Telling that, telling indeed. Shouldn’t they be encouraging our suicidal tendencies?

    • @SteveV,

      I am not a nervous nellie, I am in favour of the opposition pulling the plug. I just have a different opinion on what the regular voter will do as a result.

      At the end of the election will you stand by the results or will you go for support a confidential Plan B again?

    • @SteveV, if you’re looking for someone to tell you that voting down the Cons is a mistake then you’re looking in the wrong place. My concern is that I still see the Libs as including plenty of members/MPs who are somewhere between comfortable and downright happy with a status quo where Harper stays in power – and notwithstanding Scott’s optimism I don’t think it’s a done deal that Ignatieff will keep the impulse to preserve the impulse to capitulate under control.

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