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Conservatives tying their strategy against Iggy to the lowest crudest base denominator.

Apparently, the Conservatives strategy against Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals are going to try and appeal to Canadians darkest crudest instincts. All the comments and counter-attacks I’ve seen today on the news media and the blogs from Conservatives and their supporters in response to the new Liberal TV ads speaks to attacking Ignatieff as a “snob” or an “elitist”. A good example of this is Patrick Muttart, the former Conservative campaign strategist (now ironically based out of Washington DC) who charges that Ignatieff is aiming for the “rich, urban, internationalist” vote with his ads

It’s the same thing the Republicans and their allies tried to do against President Obama during the presidential campaign – paint him as an elitist snob. It didn’t work down there, but apparently the Conservatives are going to give it a go up here. There is another component I believe at work here as well; the Conservatives are going to try and paint Ignatieff implicitly and explicitly as somehow being “less of a Canadian” or “not a real Canadian” because of his high profile international status, and try to create resentment amongst Canadians that he was successful internationally in his career.

The Liberals strategy so far appears to be to argue that we’re part of a global community – that Canada has not been “back”, on the international scene, as Harper has famously claimed, but that we’ve become narrow-minded and small in our thinking and become withdrawn and parochial under Harper’s small-minded thinking. We not only have to be more involved with the global community to become more influential on the world stage, but it also means we need to be doing things better domestically as well.

I believe that is the correct way to go about countering these ads, and I believe the Conservatives are in for a surprise if they think this strategy of trying to create resentment at Ignatieff and trying to call him a snob is going to work with a majority of voters.

UPDATE @ 3:43 pm: Not surprisingly, It appears we also have some NDP blog supporters trying to do the same thing, though I think NDP supporters do have their limits as to how far they’ll go with that, as this post immediately following the previous post at Dawg’s site looks a bit tongue in cheek about asking for Iggy’s birth certificate, which looks to me as if he’s taking shots at the “birthers” in the US who believe that Obama really isn’t a US Citizen.

(If he really is seriously calling for this though, I’m going to have to declare that Dawg has jumped in the deep end).


6 comments to Conservatives tying their strategy against Iggy to the lowest crudest base denominator.

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  • Fair enough. I’m sort of falling into my own trap, here, aren’t I? I’m basically seeing “See? Dr. Dawg is no NDP shill. See him getting chided by NDP blogger, Robert McClelland?”

    To which you reply, “Robert McClelland is no NDP shill either.”

    And to which I reply, “Touche.”

  • James…. While I agree with you on most of what you just said, but I would say that getting chided by Mr. McLelland is hardly a barometer of what constitutes an NDP supporter or not 🙂

  • Scott, I think it is unfair of you to label Dr. Dawg as an NDP blog. He is a former union leader and still believes in the cause, but he is not a member of any organized NDP blogging association, and he certainly doesn’t take any orders from the NDP brass, or other NDP supporters, as evidenced with how he was chided by Robert McLelland after criticizing the NDP for their perceived silence on the Muhamed case.

    In the end, Dr. Dawg speaks for Dr. Dawg. You are looking for blind partisanship where none exists.

    • @James Bow, I said he supports the NDP. That is rather obvious, so as far as I’m concerned, I have nothing to change or correct in the statement I just said.

      • @Scott Tribe, I wasn’t asking to change the body of the post, but I would debate calling Dawg an “NDP Blog supporter”, which suggests to me a party line thing, as opposed to an “NDP-supporting blogger”. If nothing else, I think that’s more grammatically correct. But my take on this post is that you’re suggesting that NDP bloggers are operating in support of a party strategy that I don’t think is there. As you note yourself, Dawg follows up his criticism of Ignatieff with a post that lampoons criticism of his Canadian credentials, philosophically linking such discussion to the birther movement in the United States.

        Going beyond this article, and perhaps a bit off-topic, and commenting on the approach of some Liberal blogs to include the NDP in their attacks, I find this strategy to be self-defeating, and worrisome to someone who wants to see the government change in this election. If nothing else, there’s more seats to be won from the Conservatives than the NDP, so there’s a greater rate of return in focusing your energy there. Secondly, there are areas of the country where the Liberals just don’t have a hope, and if we want to really bring the Conservatives low, then we should talk up the NDP option. For instance, in Saskatchewan, the Liberals should perhaps be focusing on Goodale’s riding and two or three others, and suggesting that elsewhere an NDP vote is a more effective vote against Harper. The same holds true in Oshawa and Edmonton-Strathcona.

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