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Ignatieff: ‘We can do better’ TV ads pre-released to Youtube, Facebook

The English language ad titled “WorldView”:

..and the 2 French language ads – one dealing with the Harper record on the environment, the other with the Harper record on the deficit:

These will be on Canadian TV networks and stations soon, and 3 more of these ads are due out on TV in the next few weeks. In essence, the Liberals are attempting to take a page out of the Conservatives playbook by running pre-election ads. It’s very interesting that the Liberals go positive in the English one (with a subtle message of how the Conservatives haven taken a smaller narrower view of Canada), while the French-language ads on the environment and the economy are a bit more biting and take on Harper directly. We’ll have to see if the other 3 ads are a reversal – as in biting ones in English, positivity in French.


13 comments to Ignatieff: ‘We can do better’ TV ads pre-released to Youtube, Facebook

  • Rod Smelser

    The ad done in the woods. Where is the forest. Some say it’s in Provance where Ignatieff owns a splendid summer house.

  • I like the ad. Well done. Like many parties I am not expecting a platform until an election is called.

  • Frank

    “Earth calling Iggy, this is Earth calling Count Iggy!”

    The only thing we can sell China and India is our oil and lumber, in return they sell us everything else under the Sun. China and India has decimated our manufacturing and high tech industries, and by giving birth to the unchecked (almost criminal) level of immigration from those two countries, the LPC is responsible for also destroying our high tech labor markets.

    Maybe if everyone in Canada studied history (like the Count), we could really compete globally! Yes, that’s it, what this country needs is more history professors! Problem solved.

    • Jon Pertwee

      “China and India has decimated our manufacturing and high tech industries”

      Umm I think the Harper government has done just as good of a job devestating those industries.

      My hometown is in Southern Ontario and its manufacturing industry has been gutted by Conservative policies. Its unemployment rate is the highest in the city’s history. That isn’t solely due to India and China; the Harper government has redefined useless.

      Sorry Frank but your comment is weak and the partisan nonsense isnt helping.

      I think if the country had more people that thought before they acted and less people to sit on the sidelines and call them names (ie: the count) you might find things move forward. Though that isn’t going to happen until we elect someone other than a group of self important politicians who believe that smear tactics and bullying are democratic campaigning.

      • kwittet

        @Jon Pertwee, Jon..i have to admit that you have made some very excellent points that I can’t argue with above.

        US debt

        what we nedd is a government that will give canadians the means to manufacture quality goods at a price we can afford here in canada so that we will stop supporting a communist nation. the more of our money they get the more dangerous they become. you said to frank that harper has decimated our economy. do you really believe that it is all harpers fault? do you really think if another person was pm that none of this would have happened?
        You can call me a protectionist if you want but manufacturing and buying as much product in canada as we can will help us!!

      • Frank

        @Jon Pertwee,

        Sorry Jon Pertwee. I own, an have operated a high tech business in Ontario for 21 years. My opinions are not pulled out of thin air like yours.

        You say: “I think the Harper government has done just as good of a job devestating those industries.”

        By that statement alone I judge that you don’t know anything about business except that it provides you with a pay stub every two weeks.

  • Lycan Stark

    “……….and there is only one thing we can do about this and that is live the way we are supposed to live. As our constitution commands us. Being an American is not easy, it is hard. We are required as a country to keep some very serious promises. We are judged by a high standard the one that was crafted for ourselves in the founding document of this republic.” – Michael Ignatieff

    Is THIS what he meant by “we” Canadians doing better?

    “We” can do better by making sure a person who identifies himself, repeatedly, as an American never becomes prime Minister.

    And we Canadians will. Count on it.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Lycan Stark, somebody sounds scared… & a touch bigotted…

      I’m just sayin…

    • kwittet

      @Lycan Stark, I like the part that said “no matter where Ive lived” which was mostly away from Canada. Not bad for a guy who was never really democratically elected the leader of his party but is basically an appointee when they could find no one better after Dion and parachuted him in!
      Another thing he said was embrace China and India to help us out? GREAT. So his agenda is to sell us out to a communist nation(like Hillary Clinton did trying to get the Chinese to buy US T-Bills to help keep them afloat) who has no standards when it come to any level of manufacturing(remember high lead levels in kids toys,pollution, poor labour standards,child slave labour) and India is not much better as a emerging economy. This Obama wanna-be scares me!!
      I don’t think Harper is doing the best job either but we don’t need Iggy_Obama running the show. I will take my chances with the status_quo!!!

      • Jon Pertwee

        @kwittet, that’s not overly surprising. 😉

        • kwittet

          @Jon Pertwee, Jon i kept is simple just for you!! I see you just usually pick one point and comment on that but never offer a good rebuttal that you think your party could do better.
          Keep up the great work. You are an excellent spokesman!!

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Jon Pertwee, kwittet, Ignatieff isn’t going to help Harper do his job and neither and I going to help you.

          I wouldn’t say you have made an amazing point yourself.

          “Not bad for a guy who was never really democratically elected the leader of his party but is basically an appointee when they could find no one better after Dion and parachuted him in!”

          Talking point #1. Actually come to think of it, it’s all talking points.

          Do you have any proof that Barack Obama has tendered the US for a sale to China? You criticize the Chinese for their manufacturing and labour standards yet you support a government who’s free market ideology is basically shipping our manufacturing industry over to China one crate at a time. It’s North American customers who are purchasing these cheap goods; that requires a change in buying behaviour which is unlikely because corporations use their marketing to encourage us to buy that cheap Chinese made crap.

          As for your synopsis of India, you need to do a bit more research on the country. It’s actually quite different than China (for one it’s a country with a democratically elected government) and as a result it has different problems. China, won’t always be the population powerhouse that it is right now so things will change (you didnt think that a country that male dominated would continue to grow at the rate it did?). Still, ignoring both of these countries as your are implying would be detrimental to the Canadian economy.

          Its basically putting a sign on the country saying “We don’t want your business”. How capitalist is that Kwittet? Hmm Im not going to sell my goods to you because you make crap! You need to also look at both countries as in a state of flux. India of 2009 is not the same as India of 1979. Things are changing and developing in those countries at a rate we could only dream of. Ever heard of the Indian software industry? Probably not, but you’ve probably used something run on Indian programming before. You’ve generalized on two countries that you know very little about.

          You do have a right to say you support the status quo but for what? Some Glenn Beck inspired fear of something left of Mussolini? Well, your fear is not my problem kwittet, nor should it be one that influences how this country is run. I for one would prefer a Prime Minister who is forward looking; recognizes the potential within Canada and isn’t afraid to encourage us to pursue it. Stephen Harper represents none of this. In fact I would argue that Stephen Harper would prefer a quasi 1950s Canada that never really existed but this time with a fresh dusting of bullying and racism. Thanks, but I’d rather take the chance on a new leader than continue with the bully.

          Thank you for calling me an excellent spokesman. As I am not a member of any political party I guess I am just a spokesperson for the undecided.

          So there’s your rebuttal kwittet.

  • Northern PoV

    Alas, I cannot comment on the French ads but I sure hope they waste no money running Worldview on the TV. It sucks.

    Those folks (outside of the +-30% Con base) that fell for the ‘just visiting’ garbage will see this as validation of their feelings.

    Lets hope the next 3 are better.

    Over at Red’s place BCer said
    “Going negative alone won’t work, and going negative pre-writ after the stink we made about the Cons’ negative pre-writ ads would be hypocritical.”

    hey, I support a law banning pre-writ spending or at least including it in the election spending cap …. but until that happens – this is the Harper era, we didn’t choose the weapon-set so blast away.

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