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Environmental proposal from Conservatives going over like a lead balloon.

This idea is so blatant in it’s favoritism, I can’t believe Jim Prentice actually thought it would get a good reception anywhere other then in Alberta/Saskatchewan:

Ottawa’s pitch helps economies of Saskatchewan, Alberta at expense of other provinces, critics say

Though plans are described as a work in progress, numerous accounts say the Conservatives intend to put a cap on the emissions from Ontario’s manufacturing sector and other polluting industries across Canada, while letting oil and gas companies meet less stringent intensity targets which allow output, and pollution, to increase. That could jeopardize the economies of eight provinces and three territories for the sake of continued growth in Alberta and Saskatchewan, detractors say.

“What this would create, if indeed it moves ahead, is a fairly balkanized system,” said Andrei Marcu, a Toronto-based board member with the International Emissions Trading Association. A system based on different treatment for different industries also risks being too complex to manage and makes it nearly impossible to achieve the government’s stated goal of harmonizing its market with the one being set up in the United States, he added. “It’s highly unlikely that this is going to be acceptable for integration to the U.S., which is in one way or another … going to have an absolute cap.”

Prentice’s coast-to-coast sales trip is hitting political turbulence in provincial capitals, said one industry representative. “He’s getting a bad reaction … everywhere but in Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

NO kidding. That should have been obvious to everyone in Jim Prentice’s department, and Prentice himself, and the Harper Conservatives in general. I hope they do come out with that plan, if the sources are true. That would raise quite an uproar across Canada. The Conservatives certainly would be more popular in Alberta and Saskatchewan as a result of this proposal, but they dont have a lot more ceiling room to gain seats in those 2 provinces.


4 comments to Environmental proposal from Conservatives going over like a lead balloon.

  • Jon Pertwee

    So Satya Das and mclea want to do what they want because they perceive themselves as hard done Albertans…fine. So when they run out of drinking water will they be fine if us in BC tell them to get stuffed? After all you screwed your own environment and both think that a environmental proposal that allows Alta and Sask to pollute while others pick up the tab. That is such a messed up ideology on so many levels guys.

    Satya, the problem with leaving the environmental protection to the Alberta government is simple. They dont regulate or enforce the current laws and they invest into unproven technology such as carbon sequestration. You wouldn’t leave your money with someone with a track record like that, so why should we trust our groundwater, air and farmland with a provincial government that cannot be trusted? Your point does not answer that sufficiently.

    Mclea, you arent naive as s**t hypocrite but you sure come off as a greedy jerk who thinks they are more important than others. You should learn some manners and think of others before you try the “we’re so hard done by” argument yet again. Geez, Ive heard enough people out here use to realize how tired of an stance it is. Quit your whining and get involved. Stop bitching about others and putting them down and try listening and working with others again.

  • mclea

    And this coming from the guy who favours a vanilla carbon tax, which would unquestionably fall disproportionately on the shoulders on the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan, despite the fact that pretty much all the oil extracted in these provinces is exported to other markets, especially Ontario.

    You don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking do you Scott? If you want all Canadians to share in the cost of making our country more “green”, then this is the kind of shit you have to do. But of course, you’re not interested in that. You want to fill up your car for less than $50 a tank, while simultaneously sticking it to those dirty Albertans who dig up the bituman that is sold to assholes like you who put it in their car. Trust me Scott, we wouldn’t be digging the shit up if you weren’t buying it. People aren’t digging up the Oil Sands because it’s fun. We’re doing it because there’s a huge outside market for it. But I love how assholes like you want to tax the supply side of the equation, while ignoring the obvious demand problem.

    Not to accuse you of being an naive as shit hypocrite or anything.

  • If the federal conservatives want to propose policy in an area where they have little jurisdiction — Alberta has the responsibility for developing the oil sands — that’s their problem.
    Most Albertans want clean, environmentally-sustainable energy production.
    We can get to “green oil” from the oil sands, if we put stewardship first.

  • Northern PoV

    Ya, I saw this piece this morning and had to do a double-take: it is almost too close to parody to be true.

    We have two “Blocs” in this country, both bent on our destruction
    (Bloc Albertan and Bloc Quebecois).

    Well, if there turns out to be some document-able truth to this, the timing could make it a key-stone ballot question.

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