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Andrew Coyne’s prediction: The NDP will fold over an election…

.. and an additional prediction, there will be no election until 2012, according to Andrew. Paul Wells isn’t so sure though. Check out their podcast and listen to the arguments.


19 comments to Andrew Coyne’s prediction: The NDP will fold over an election…

  • In my opinion, most voters have short-term memories. With the Liberals now opposing the Conservatives, voters are not going to care about the 70-some times the Liberals supported Harper. The point of switching from implicit support to overt opposition is to create momentum for the Liberal Party.

    The Liberals alone cannot defeat the Conservatives. They need the support from both the NDP and Bloc to defeat the Conservative government. Either the NDP or Bloc may offer to support the Conservatives in order to avoid an election.

    In the end, I don’t think the three opposition parties will defeat the Conservative government. Harper will probably take a stroll over to the GG’s residence and ask for an election claiming that Parliament cannot function under the current circumstances.

  • janfromthebruce

    And for all intent and purpose, Iggy and his lib strategist planned to pull the plug in the Fall, and use the pretense of EI to stall till the fall. Using working people and those who lost jobs is disgusting.

  • “he’s still not gonna be Prime Minister.”

    Not so long as some “progressives” see fit to delude themselves forever that the Liberals are their option. For heaven’s sake! The NDP should be the bare minimum any progressive person should start voting for.

    Ignatieff’s grandstanding on EI was simply to restore eligibility to the people Chretien and Martin excluded (needlessly) in the 1990s.

  • p kely,

    “What seems to be missing is how the Liberals folded almost every single time in this parliament.”

    And the parliament before, let’s not sugar coat it. Jack Layton can always afford to act tough and lay out good policy ideas, and he really does. But he doesn’t have to worry about the potential of forming a government. He does his job well in so far as reminding Canadians of what their values are, but he can say anything he wants, he’s still not gonna be Prime Minister.

  • What seems to be missing is how the Liberals folded almost every single time in this parliament. Its been a Conservative-Liberal coalition. The NDP is the only party to consistently oppose the Harper regime.
    The apparent get-tough attitude by the Liberals is a mere pillow fight. If Iggy had half the testosterone that Jack Layton had, they would have pulled the trigger when the EI flap happened. Instead, they allowed it to be swept under the rug and ignored – while the unemployed suffer.
    Canadians aren’t in any mood for an election. If that vote was held today, the result would be pretty much the same. But if Canadians wanted a majority, they would have voted for it. Instead, they voted for a minority and demanded that its MP’s work together.
    Jack Layton has been very effective in getting something in exchange for his MP’s vote of support. Iggy/Dion simply cave (or cowardly abstain instead).

    • kwittet

      @p kelly, I am sorry but I have to disagree with one point. When you say that if Canadians want a majority they will vote one in? The way I see it this country has become very regional as far as party support goes. I seriously don’t see any majority governments happening for a long time which means we as average people are going to have to live with this political grandstanding bull shit for a lot longer. I think our system sucks that we can have 4 300 million dollar elections in 5 years? Thats alot of money that could have went to something usefull but instead ALL our political leaders who have egos the size of the f**king grand canyon cant play in the sandbox nice and in there desperate attempt to hold onto or gain power will put us through another nonsense election.

  • Hmm.. IE also gives me the AJAX error.

    I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, folks. The only thing “different” is that I’m on a different server (using the same domain/URL obviously), but that move was made last night, and I don’t recall anyone getting this error earlier today.

  • kwittet

    ajax eror here also..firefox also

  • janfromthebruce

    In your dreams Scott – on another note, more serious, I get that ajax error message too. That one, I paid attention to.

  • Same problem in Safari and Camino. As a Mac user those are all the option I have on my machine. You own this one Scott, sorry bud.

  • I’m using Firefox 3.5.2 on a Mac, so it looks like it’s covering all platforms.

  • rww

    Me too with Firefox 3.5.2 on Windows XP. I just thought the foaming cleanser wasn’t working

  • I’m getting the Ajax error as well (Firefox 3.5.2 on Linux and not sure about Windows at the moment).

    Ajax = asynchronous javascript and XML

    Usually has something to do with the interface (javascript executes in the browser). Have you added a new plug-in or upgraded anything recently?

    • @pogge, Kelly, my server host guy seem to have fixed this.. apparently some new security measure implemented at the server was unnecessarily preventing AJAX from working. He’s appeared to have re-jigged it so as to allow AJAX not to be seen as some security attack on my blog.

  • Ok Scott, now you’re just looking for attention, I know why you’re focusing on the NDP right now 😉

    On another note, I keep getting something called an “Ajax Error” when I load your page, never heard of that before.

  • tofkw

    Jimmy, if the Libs fold then that would be immediately followed by Ignatieff’s resignation as leader. He used pretty clear and concise language on no longer supporting Harper, so I predict aliens landing on the front lawn of the White House and picnicing with the Obama family before I’d say the Libs fold.

    Much more likely is that Harper would resign to allow an interim leader to try for that majority. Old Stevie has a habit of quitting things you know. Ask his old peers from the UofT sometime, or for that matter his old boss Preston Manning. But I wouldn’t put money on Harper quitting just yet, right after the election maybe (minority win or lose), but not now.

    But I do think on a certain vote that 12 NDP MP’s will be missing, so mark me down with Mr Coyne on that. But there will be an election in the next 9 months, and it’s looking more sooner than later.

  • Jimmy

    Why should anyone care? I predict the Liberals fold. There make that your headline.

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