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The best laid plans of mice and men?

As I mentioned previously, we’ve seen reports that the Harper Conservatives were going to possibly put forth what is called a Ways and Means Motion in the first week of Parliament’s new session to try to blame the Liberals for killing the Home Renovation Tax Credit if the Harper government were to fall on that vote. If that were to occur, as detailed previously, the claim about the Tax Credit being “killed by the Liberals” is a bunch of baloney, but it appears today from news reports that one of the opposition parties won’t play along with the Harper Conservative government if they attempt that stunt:

Yesterday, the Bloc Québécois leader told Radio-Canada that if the government brings forward a supply motion to finance the home renovation program later this month, his party will support it. Unless Harper loads a budget-related motion with other items that are unpalatable to the Bloc, the tax credit will sail through the Commons.

That means that the supply motion would pass, and Harper’s attempts to try and have the Conservative government fall on his terms go down the drain, unless of course, he decides to load up the Ways and Means Motion with other stuff that the BQ would never vote for.

It’s a smart move on the BQ and Gilles Duceppe’s part; by openly declaring he will support this motion, it may serve to discourage the Harper government from trying this end-around. If the Motion were to pass Parliament with the BQ’s support, it removes a potential issue from the campaign (in the Bloc’s case, an issue in Quebec) that Harper could try and use, and it means his government’s fate would be once again in the hands of the opposition parties, not his.

On the other hand, if Harper and his strategists see this statement from Duceppe and decide they’re going to load up the motion with stuff unpalatable to the BQ to get them to vote against it, Duceppe (and the other opposition leaders for that matter) can point to that and say it’s just more of Harper and the Conservatives’ political gamesmanship at play.

Your move, Harper.


4 comments to The best laid plans of mice and men?

  • kwittet

    Does he really want to go to the polls on the issues he articulated in his speech: “Stephen Harper . . . failed to stand up for Canadians,” he said and then mentioned Omar Khadr. Considering that both Liberal PMs Jean Chretien and Paul Martin failed to stand up for Khadr will make that a tough sell, not to mention that the Khadr family is political poison. Judging from past Herald daily polls (which are not scientific) most Canadians don’t want to welcome back Khadr, (though it remains the right thing to do.)

    Ignatieff also railed against Canada letting the world down on medical isotopes saying Harper “cancelled the MAPLE reactors that would have guaranteed Canadian leadership in isotope supply.” Nice try, but no glowing nuclear rod, Iggy. The MAPLE reactors weren’t cancelled so much as they just don’t work and never have. They were commissioned by Chretien, went tens of millions of dollars over budget, were years behind schedule and experts believe they are unsalvageable. How is that Harper’s fault?

    Then there’s employment insurance. Ignatieff wants Canadians to be eligible to take a year off drawing EI benefits after working just nine weeks. Not surprisingly, the Tories would love to go to an election on that idiotic piece of public policy. The very people that was supposed to entice–autoworkers losing their jobs –are outraged. Why should some pimply kid whose summer job comes to an end, get to draw EI benefits at the same rate as that autoworker who has paid into the system for decades? It’ll be popular among the ski bum-crowd, but few others.

  • Ti-Guy

    Please tell me you’re not that naive.

    Crazy ol’ Lycan Stark. When did they let it out of the locked ward?

  • So I am confused. Are the Bloc L’Equipe Poulet, or Heroes of the Nation?

  • Lycan Stark

    Do you honestly think that this ways and means motion on this tax credit is going to be the only potential arrow in Harper and the Tories’ quiver? Please tell me you’re not that naive.

    The government will survive on this motion, and Harper will have shown once again that he has secured the confidence of the House. For once, it will not be the Liberals that keep the Tories alive. 1-79 is not exactly a record to be proud of, just because for once you can find a spine.

    Your move, Harper.

    Um, no. Ultimatley, it will have to be the Opposition that decides whether to pull the trigger on this government.


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