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Trivia question: Who said all of the following statements?

Yup.. Harper did..


10 comments to Trivia question: Who said all of the following statements?

  • MC Slade

    “Stephen Harper owns a dragon. He keeps it in a shed. We did not make this up.”

    When will Liberals learn? You tried the same crazy fearmongering in 2004, 2006 and 2008 and every time you end up with a worse result. Are you stupid or something? Do you not grasp that the 99% of non-partisan Canadians aren’t as obssessed with this stuff as you are?

  • Only problem is all these quotes have been around for years and Harper still won the last two elections, what makes you think they’ll change Canadians minds this time around?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @[email protected], um we dont vote the same person in forever? Jeez if we used your logic John A would still be PM.

      • @Jon Pertwee,

        Of course he will be voted out (or retire) at some point, but my point is that these quotes had little or no effect on the last two elections, bringing them up this time wont make much of a difference either. Liberals need to find better reasons to convince Canadians to not vote for Harper than decade old quotes.

  • Lycan Stark

    See the difference between the things that Harper and Ignatieff said is that in regards to Harper, we’ve heard it all before – three elections ago, and since then. The Harper is scary” schtick no longer works for you guys, though yous till gon’t get that. The well is dry for you guys. Ignatieff? His utterances haven’t even been touched yet. Sure, the framing via the “Just Visitng” ads is merely the beginning, but there is a whoooollllle gold mine there, just waiting to be dug up. What you guys have seen before were just ore samples. And once the cement in the frame has been set in place for Ignatieff with more truth ads, the Tories will undoubtedly launch their positve ads. 🙂

    • Gayle

      @Lycan Stark,

      Somehow, I think if people are watching ads dissing Ignatieff, they are going to see those ads against Harper in a whole new light.

      As in, Harper the hypocrite.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Lycan Stark, You’re “gold mine” is really nothing but a box of small minded bigotry. Enjoy it, it makes you look worse than the person you are attacking.

  • Jimmy

    Ohhhhh please let’s get into which leader has said Canada sucks game because Layton is the only leader who hasn’t said it. HAHAHAHA

  • good stuff! Hopefully the folks in the basement can do more…

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