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Peter MacKay – ‘Whoops, I forgot’

How do you “forget” that you were on the board of 2 of your father’s companies (And not just some low-level executive either)?
That’s what Defence Minister Peter MacKay is claiming with the news today that he had violated conflict of interest guidelines for Cabinet Ministers:

Until Wednesday, Mr. MacKay was vice-president of Beaver Lumber and a director of Lorne Resources, both companies owned by his father, former federal minister Elmer MacKay…Peter MacKay resigned from the boards of both companies on Wednesday after he learned that he was in violation of the act. He said he had forgotten that he was an officer of either company…The Conflict of Interest Act for federal ministers forbids them from serving as a director or officer in a corporation or from managing or operating a business.

Duff Conacher of the Ottawa ethics watchdog group Democracy Watch is skeptical of Mr. MacKay’s claim that he forgot about his role in the companies. “His father never mentions the company or ever lets him know anything about it, as an officer, and we’re supposed to believe that?” Mr. Conacher said. “It’s his father’s primary source of income, and he’s an officer, and he forgot. So he manages but he doesn’t know that he manages it. Ignorance is not a defence of violation of the law.”

This is the guy who wanted to be the top dog at NATO, remember. I’m thinking now that it’s probably a wise decision by NATO that they didn’t pick him.


8 comments to Peter MacKay – ‘Whoops, I forgot’

  • kwittet


    In one post above you told me to let it go cause it was in the past..then in the next reply to me you are saying it is ok to bring up the past as long as you agree with it…so which is it??

  • The shareholders of these companies should demand their money back. After all, the lil’Spud now admits that he did absolutely nothing to earn it.

  • kwittet

    This is the guy who wanted to be the top dog at NATO, remember. I’m thinking now that it’s probably a wise decision by NATO that they didn’t pick him.

    And why is this comment even mentioned now? That is and was old news but yet again we beat the dead dog!
    And another point to mention is what has NATO got to do with this?
    Tabloid sensationalism blogging. Very nice!

  • slg

    Hmmmm – did he never get notices of directors’ meetings, his director’s salary and perks? Was he never asked to vote on anything?

    He’s lawyer and he forgot – s-c-a-r-y!

  • There’s always an infinite number of examples of politicians changing their minds or conveniently forgetting things after the fact.

    • kwittet


      You are so right about that point. We could stall the server with all the examples during the Chretien years. Dont get me wrong. It is no excuse if McKay is guilty of any wrong doing.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @kwittet, we’d probably crash the server if we loaded up all the examples from the Mulroney years. Shall we go all the way back to Macdonald?

        Jeez, let it go.

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