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The proverbial NDP tempest in a teapot.

A lot of sound and fury from some NDP’ers about the Liberals holding a fundraiser in Sudbury; the main beef being because it was a high priced event (550$ to attend) and somehow, that’s inappropriate because of a strike that has nothing to do with the Liberals in the first place.

A couple observations: I’m sure the NDP wouldn’t have uttered a peep about this fundraiser nor express their moral outrage if Sudbury happened to be a Conservative-held riding, rather then an NDP one. Apparently, they feel threatened in this riding. I’m also sure that if the NDP could find people willing to pay 550$ a pop to listen to Jack Layton speak – they would do so in a heartbeat. They have some debts to pay off from the past election, after all.

Secondly, I read at the Liberal website today that 600+ people attended this event. That would translate out to approximately 330 000$ in funds raised. It seems like a lot of folks were willing to shell out that money to support Ignatieff or listen to what he had to say.

Third: a couple of positive reviews for the Liberals by the strikers and their union leaders:

As a result of Monday’s meeting between Ignatieff and Steelworkers’ officials, “I think the Liberals are very well-informed of what’s going on here and I believe they’re supportive of our cause,” said striker Joe Guido, a machinist at Vale Inco..Monday’s meeting with Ignatieff was “positive,” said John Fera, president of United Steelworkers Local 6500. “He heard us and he understood what’s going on in the community and he understood about culture changes and he understood our concerns with the Canada Investment Review Act,” Fera said during the spaghetti dinner.

I’ll leave as a conclusion something John Fera, president of United Steelworkers 6500 had to say about this tempest in a teapot:

“I think the people who paid $550 for that dinner aren’t our guys, but people are free to do whatever they want and to support whoever they want and I respect that,” Fera said. “It’s their decision.”

When more NDP’ers can be as sensible as John Fera is about this, rather then trying to make mountains out of molehills, they’ll be better off as a party for it.


18 comments to The proverbial NDP tempest in a teapot.

  • slg

    Who doesn’t get it? Harper has big bucks and you can’t fight him without money, honey.

    It didn’t hurt the out of work folks – it’s the ones who could afford it that attend.

    That’s the NDP alright – whatever it is we’re agin it

  • I guess the Libs will think twice before sending out staffers to trail Layton on his way to a meeting with Harper.

  • I was being facetious. The Liberals have no qualms about raising money because they do not force people to donate if they cannot afford it.

    On a more serious note, the NDP Convention was 200$ if you registered early and 300$ if you didnt. Assume half the party registered early since you guys are pretty hardcore partisan about NDP things, thats an average raised of about $300 000 from your convention

    The Liberals raised more than that in one night, in an NDP riding…I guess I can see why the NDP are shitting themselves right about now.

  • of course asking people for 300$ plus money for a flight to Halifax and hotel room for 3 days is so much less insensitive, especially when time runs out on the only interesting resolution proposed…at least they got to hear Jack!

    • @Anthony Di Domizio,
      Now you are being very silly or disingenuous Anthony. I expect the $300 for Halifax was much less than the LPCer gathering in Vancouver this past spring.

      Further the NDP has a travel pool from which to assist those that can not afford the trip otherwise. Perhaps the LPC has one too?

      At least resolutions and policy were discussed and passed in Halifax, something was sorely lacking at the swearing in of the new King in Vancouver.

      • Christina Dawn Monroe

        @Ricky Barnes,

        ‘At least resolutions and policy were discussed and passed in Halifax, something was sorely lacking at the swearing in of the new King in Vancouver.”

        Not to annoying or anything Ricky. I did attend the convention in Vancouver. It was mostly a policy convention. I (as the Western Arctic policy chair) attended many policy working groups, and voted on policy resolutions. It was the main focus of the convention. We also approved the highly debated “one member one vote” resolution for leadership contestants in the future.

        Also on a side note I did not pay for my delegation fees. I set up a fund-raising page and had my $995 covered by sponsors. I formerly worked in the child care industry and came back to Yellowknife and lost my job. I could never afford the high fees to attend any convention. We sent the largest delegation from the 3 territories because we made sure that anyone who wanted to go got funding to go.

  • For the love of god Cameron, Thibeault’s dinner was entirely about partisan advantage, from the press releases to the timing to the setting the price to mirror the Liberal dinner ($5.50 vs $550). To pretend this isn’t about partisan advantage and Thibeault’s re-election bid is laughable to the point of absurdity.

    And who showed up at the Liberal dinner? People that wanted to attend. Over 600 people attended, apparently. Are you telling me they are all evil management stooges? That’s a lot of management. Or are they second-class citizens because they had $550 and wanted to spend it on a dinner? This kind of idiotic class warfare is why so many Canadians, average ones with kitchen tables and everything, can’t take the NDP seriously.

    If even the president of the union can see this as a tempest in a tea pot, why can’t you?

  • Bottom Line: The Liberals don’t get it and don’t care to get it

    You know my friend, this whole “I’m sure the NDP wouldn’t have “X” if “Y” happened to be a Conservative-held riding meme is just funny to watch. Not only is it just far off reality, it shows that the Liberals just don’t get it. Not everything is about partisan advantage; most of it is about the people. That’s why Glenn Thibeault was having a $5.50 community dinner with all the funds going to support the strikers. It’s about supporting those workers and their families with more than words, but actual funds.

    And as to the number of people who showed up, I would just ask who those people were? As I said over at my blog yesterday, how many of those folks are Vale-Inco management, the people who are putting the boots to those workers? As Mr. Fera said himself in that quote you quoted “the people who paid $550 for that dinner aren’t our guys” so I wouldn’t expect them to show otherwise.

    Also, as for those tepid reviews for the Liberals from the strikers, you of course left out the much warmer review for the NDP, which they state have been there with them all along and fully get it. And I wouldn’t expect a mention of the hundred of show strikers who picketted that fundraiser that were shown on The National last night, because those folks didn’t look so happy at the Liberal response.

    Finally Scotty my friend, we over on this side of things are quite sensible, and when we are looking for advice on making our party “better off”, trust me the last place we’d come looking is in the direction of the perpetually dysfunctional Liberal Party of Canada. Unless we were looking for examples of what not to do 😉

  • I’m not sure where the whole discussion went off the rails. I suspect that it was the usual biting between NDP and LPC bloggers. You can check my latest blog post on this.

    I know the NDP hold big fundraisers as well. Not usually $550 per plate stuff but $100 fundraisers are common. My thoughts were that the Liberals created a headache by holding it in Sudbury while people were out of work.

    That said it looks like you did well. No quarrels over this kind of fund raising here.

  • For a good fundraising dinner in Sudbury, you gotta offer mooseburgers.

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