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Gritgirl on the Harper Senate appointments.

Gritgirl strikes on the Harpocrisy of these new Conservative Senate appointments – bringing the total to 27 in less then a calendar year.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit the Liberals aren’t exactly pious when it comes to lecturing other party’s on their PM making patronage appointments to the Senate. The difference is that Harper has said ad nauseum the past 13 years he would never do this. Yet, he’s now made 27 Senate appointments of his Conservative cronies in less then a year. As Gritgirl points out, this is the LARGEST ever amount of appointments in a single year by any Canadian Prime Minister.


6 comments to Gritgirl on the Harper Senate appointments.

  • DCR

    Of course it’s the most appointments in one year. He waited three years to see if the Liberals would come around and be a part of reforming the Senate. Don’t blame Harper for playing the rules the Liberals want to play by.
    All the Liberals have to do is say they are now willing to actually let the people of the country vote for Senators. I think it’s called ..DEMOCRACY!

  • JMR

    I think we need the senate but I would like to see the parliment endorse those who are choosen by the reigning Prime Minister with some debate as to the worthiness of such people.
    They should come from all walks of life who have actually worked in public service and achieved some common good NOT just party workers.

  • kwittet

    Even as a conservative supporter I am more than disappointed about this. Yes he said he would not do this and now he has.
    I think it is time that we Canadians think about the structure of how our government is run and take it back. These jerks( and I mean all party’s) think that once they are elected are above us all and don’t have to answer to us.
    The senate to me is an archaic system which undermines the power of government to do its job. Some may say it is a check and balance in the system but when a party passes a bill and the senate is stacked with opposition sympathizers what use is it to pass the bill? Then what happens is this appointment s**t to level the playing field and what is the true outcome. More wages to be paid out of taxpayers pockets for LIFE and SUPER GOLD PLATED PENSIONS. It is total HORSE_SHIT.

    What we need in my opinion is during the next election a referendum question

    1. DO you think the senate should be elected?


    2. Do you think the senate should be abolished?

    AND THEN whatever the vote is MAKE IT SO!!

    Put the power back in the peoples hands and then we wont see this s**t happening.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @kwittet, Im only supporting senate reform if some sort of proportional representation is also included. I’d much prefer the Australian system over the American one, even if it takes two weeks to determine who won.

      But I have the feeling we’re on the same side of this altogether.

  • Why didn’t SeƱor Harper appoint me to the Senate?

    Harper is definitely bringing Canada a better yesterday for tomorrow. Which blogger thought of this line?

  • Toe

    Demers and Dryden, can’t wait.

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