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A new low in ‘ten-percenter’ political ads from the Conservatives.

I have to agree with Cameron: this is probably the most disgusting cheap-shot type “ten-percenter” political ads I’ve seen come from the Conservatives (which is saying a lot, considering what they’ve been sending out), and I say that even when it’s not targeting a Liberal. It’s targeting NDP MP Charlie Angus, the MP who has been highlighting the plight of the children of the First Nations of Attawapiskat and fighting for them to get a new school to replace their old contaminated one.

To say that this ad is full of bunk is an understatement. This 10 percenter flyer is full of Pierre Poilievre-type cheapshots in this thing, delivered to Attawapiskat, and the rest of Angus’s riding (Timmins-James Bay), courtesy of Greg Rickford, Conservative MP for Kenora. 

Are these the Conservative talking points on why Attawapiskat doesn’t deserve a new school? I have to think so, if they’re going out on a 10-percenter-ad. A Conservative MP doesn’t just send these out willy-nilly without the Conservative War Room/PMO approval.

That’s these kids, in case you forgot, Minister Strahl and Greg Rickford:

There is absolutely no reason for the government to be stonewalling over this school, which is what they are doing. Charlie Angus is doing his job as the riding’s MP and Attawapiskat’s MP in highlighting what is going on there and what isn’t going on in Conservative-run Ottawa to fix it. Harper and the Conservatives response is to attack Angus with a totally misleading flier, trying to blame Angus for repeatedly and persistently bringing this issue up, and blaming him for causing the Conservatives not to want to build this school.

I’m not surprised they would stoop to doing this; what I’m surprised at is they think anyone in Charlie Angus’s riding – including the folks in Attawapiskat – are going to buy their bunk.


1 comment to A new low in ‘ten-percenter’ political ads from the Conservatives.

  • How could anyone not want to give these kids a school, that they need. This government is unbelievable.

    I am not an NDP, but I respect Mr. Angus..why turn on him?

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