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An inconvenient report on Khadr’s treatment by CSIS for the Cons (UPDATED)

UPDATE: This report was actually issued more then a month ago, but I had seen it today from another blogger on Facebook, and was under the mistaken impression that this report was posted today in the news, not a month ago. It still probably displeased Harper though, and I’ve little doubt it will be brought up in court, so I’ll leave the original quotation from the report as it stands, and I’ll leave my conclusion up that it shows how shoddy Canada has been over this whole affair. Thanks to Pogge for pointing that out to me.

I’m sure Harper will be rather displeased that this report that says CSIS (Canada’s spy agency) “erred in treatment of Khadr” gets released a day after he and his government decides to make a final appeal to the Supreme Court to allow him to ignore Omar Khadr’s rights:

Canada’s spy agency failed to consider human rights concerns when its officials interrogated Omar Khadr in Guantanamo Bay in 2003, the agency’s watchdog committee said Wednesday. Also among the missteps by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was its failure to take into account Khadr was only 16 at the time of the interrogations. “It is well recognized in Canadian and international law that youth are entitled to special consideration and treatment because of their status as minors,” says a statement accompanying the report.

It also says that at the time CSIS interviewed Khadr there were widespread allegations of mistreatment and abuse of detainees in US custody in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. SIRC did not find any evidence that CSIS took this information into account in deciding to interview Mr. Khadr,” Filmon said.

I’m sure the SC will be getting reminded of this additional new evidence by Khadr’s lawyers at how shoddy this whole affair has been, and another example of the complete disregard of Canadian and international law. This did not commence under Harper’s government, but he has compounded the problem and made it worse with his Bush/Cheney attitude of disregarding the rule of law and human rights.


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