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How about we try helping this Canadian get home?

This case is slightly different from the other Canadians cases you’ve heard about in the past year that have been well publicized in trying to get back to Canada, in that Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped in Somalia and is being held for ransom.

I understand that these types of matters are sensitive and delicate, but she’s been held in Somalia for a year, and virtually nothing seems to have been done or said from the Canadian government in the past year on what efforts they’ve been taking to try and free her from her captors. Furthermore, as Macleans documents, there seems to have been some initial indifference by Canadian diplomats to try and do anything to help her.

Let’s hope the government is actively trying to do something here to get her back home.  A nice letter to the foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon might not be out of order to do here.  Also, if you’re so  inclined, there are a couple different groups on Facebook that are based on trying to get her home.


1 comment to How about we try helping this Canadian get home?

  • Christina Monroe

    Canada’s record of late for helping it’s own citizens aboard who are in trouble is abysmal.

    In 2002 I had a bad experience being detained at the US boarder and was not able to return to Canada for over 24 hours. I was on a trip to Billings, Montana to pick up a deferential for a jeep. It was a side trip before we went to the Grey Cup in Edmonton. I was traveling with my ex husband and a friend both of whom were in the Canadian Air force. It lead me to impose a personal ban on myself to not travel to the US until Bush was out of power. Much to the dismay of my south of the boarder friends.

    It seems that until the wind changes in Ottawa and we have a government that cares about all of it’s citizens. I need to impose a personal ban on myself to not travel out of Canada. I only endured a shitty day at the US boarder office, and did receive help from the Canadian military to allow us back into Canada.

    Stories like this makes me fear leaving my own country, which is not what being Canadian is about.

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