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Another stranded Canadian in Kenya coming home, & more evidence of ministerial screwups (or worse).

As I said a couple of days ago, it was likely that this young man would finally get some action from the Canadian government on his 3 years of being stranded in Kenya due to the fallout from the Suaad Hagi Mohamud embarrassment, and that appears to be the case:

Abdihakim Mohamed, a 25-year-old autistic man of Somali origin, has been unable to get a passport to return to Canada because his mother, Anab Mohamed Issa, could not convince Foreign Affairs officials he was really her son..The recent case of Suaad Hagi Mohamud, accused by Canadian diplomats of faking her identity, brought new attention to the case of Mr. Mohamed, and new hope to his family.

I’m onside with Dawg’s inference at his site that Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and/or Stephen Harper didn’t want any further political damage done with the Suaad Hagi Mohamud case already having taken its toll, so I’ve no doubt that this case was ordered to be dealt with quickly.

By the way, there’s been a lot of skepticism over Stephen Harper’s statement that he only became aware of the Suaad Hagi Mohamud case a week ago, and we now find out in the Star that Joe Volpe informed Lawrence Cannon aware of her plight on June 12, and he persisted in his pressing the Minister over her plight:

Over four weeks, with the House no longer sitting, Volpe persisted with 20 emails, faxes and phone calls to Cannon and Obhrai. In mid-July, when the file moved to the Canada Border Services Agency, Volpe started calling Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he hadn’t known about the trouble. “When we became aware of the case last week,” he said, “we asked our officials in various departments to give us some information.” Yesterday Volpe said: “I can’t believe the Prime Minister didn’t know about this. If he didn’t, he should have the heads of two of his senior ministers on a platter.”

…The file’s transfer to Canada Border services around July 17 would have alerted the Prime Minister’s Office, Volpe said. “It means the chief of staff in the communications branch of the PMO knows the file has gone from one minister to another.

If the Prime Minister really did not know about this issue and did not get informed by either of his 2 Cabinet Ministers of this problem until the past week (even if I suspend my skepticism that he somehow managed to miss all the news coverage the last 2 months detailing Suaad’s plight), there are 2 Cabinet Ministers who shouldn’t be Cabinet Minister’s anymore, or there are some officials in the Prime Minister’s Office (the PMO) who shouldn’t be in the PMO anymore for failing to divulge this information to Harper.


7 comments to Another stranded Canadian in Kenya coming home, & more evidence of ministerial screwups (or worse).

  • Frank, get real.
    No one is saying Harper, Cannon, et al responsible for the day to day activity of every civil servant, but when the actions of one of those civil servants hits the nightly news, they do have a responsibility to take immediate and appropriate action to resolve the issue. Sitting with your thumb up your arse for weeks hoping it will all go away is not taking ministerial (or prime ministerial) responsibility. It is being cowardly.

  • Frank

    You are basically arguing that the PM is responsible for every employee of the Federal government.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Frank, come on both you and I know that Harper doesn’t even take responsibility for his own actions.

      • Frank

        @Jon Pertwee, I guess you have some inside knowledge that I do not. Sorry.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Frank, why did I get emailed this in my comments reply?

          “@Jon Pertwee, Actually, you and I both know that he has some of the strongest leaders skills we’ve seen in a PM in many decades.”

          I guess from your re-edit you’ve admitted the above statement is untrue. I know for my part that statement is very easy to refute. Bullying, prorogation, abuse of government for party purposes; yeah those are real leadership “skills” Frank.

          Nice try

        • Frank


          I changed my comment because I knew it would just end up inviting the same old boring and tired Liberal refrains … and thank you: you didn’t disappoint.

          Unfortunately, just because Harper’s government is in power, and his policies don’t agree with your notion of what a government is suppose to do, it does not make the man, or his supporters, bullies or evil … it just makes them folks with different ideas, and different perspectives. But if you want to vilify him to feel better about yourself, go ahead … you’re in good company.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Frank, sure Frank… That’s a very weak attempt at a clever retort btw. I never called Harper evil, though his actions do indicate he is a bully; whether you like that or not. As for his supporters, well we are all responsible for our actions and should behave like we have a social contract of responsibility. Sometimes this is not the case for both sides.

          So really Frank, your answer about changing your response and your attempt to recoup didnt really work. Thanks anyways, it was unoriginally Conservative.

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