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Video & transcripts of US Senator Vitter saying he wishes to destroy Canada’s prescription drug system.

This is a followup to my previous blogpost, which detailed Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter saying he was supporting re-importing prescription drugs from Canada so he could use it to help cause the pricing system here to collapse.

At Talking Points Memo, we have an update to the story that puts his remarks in a lot better context;  the Louisiana Democratic Party has released video and transcripts at this event where Vitter tells his constituents he wants to destroy Canada’s health care system.

Vitter: (reading back a question) ‘If socialized medicine is such a bad idea, why do you propose we import medicine from a country that has a socialized health care system?’ I guess you’re talking about Canada, and similar places, Conrad?

Questioner: Correct.

Vitter: Well, good question, Conrad. I’m for re-importation not because I wanna import price controls, which Canada has, you’re right. It’s because I believe re-importation will cause the pricing system world-wide that the big drug companies exploit to collapse. Right now the big drug companies are able to charge very different prices in different countries, and of course we pay the highest price of all. If they did that, like they do now, but then we can write off to Canada, and pass certain safety provisions, and get drugs from there – guess what? That system implodes. That system can’t survive. So my ultimate goal, in terms of re-importation, is causing that system to collapse, so there’s a true, world-wide price for a drug. And that might – wouldn’t might – that would increase the cost in Canada, that would dramatically decrease the cost in the US. So that’s where I’m coming from. You want to follow up on that?

Questioner: Okay, um – so Canada, their health care system, they’re doing something right, I guess? So are we taking a page from their book?

Vitter: No, I don’t – again, I don’t support price controls, but I actually think re-importation would cause that system, as well as these varying prices, to collapse. That make sense?

..makes perfect sense to me, Senator. At least you’re honest about your scheming, I’ll give you that much.

Again, I wonder if the Canadian government should be commenting on this. This guy might be a whacko, but he’s an elected US Senator whacko. Surely the government would have a thought or 2 on this apparent hope/scheme to destroy our prescription drug system in order to get drug companies to raise their prices here and force us into a US style free market anything goes for profit system?


4 comments to Video & transcripts of US Senator Vitter saying he wishes to destroy Canada’s prescription drug system.

  • Sue

    Ok and he is stupid enough to think that Canada is going to take part in this? What a moron!

  • blaffergassted

    It’s a reactionary response to the genius of Homer Simpson!

  • I still don’t see what this has to do with “destroying Canada’s health care system,” because that’s not the system he’s talking about. The system that he’s talking about is, in his own words, “the pricing system world-wide that the big drug companies exploit.” His scheme won’t work the way he thinks anyhow; if the US market were opened up to cheaper generic drugs, that would presumably bring prices down there because of competition, but I can’t see how that would affect markets here, or cause international regulations to “collapse.”

  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. He does seem to be a bit of a nutbar and I’m guessing that line of thinking wouldn’t be too prevalent among the US far-right, but then again nothing surprises me anymore. So yes, I think the feds should respond to this, and the opposition parties should be all over this.

    I don’t think our very good though underfunded health care system is in peril due to the US debate, but I think it’s best not to take any chances.

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