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Harper goes on his latest Arctic PR tour to show he’s really serious about arctic sovereignty.

Your latest attempt by Harper to show how “tough” he and the Conservatives are on the Arctic:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will arrive in Iqaluit on Monday as part of an Arctic trip that will include observing an anti-submarine warfare exercise. The prime minister will board the frigate HMCS Toronto on Wednesday to observe Operation Nanook, a military exercise intended to help demonstrate Canada’s sovereignty in the eastern Arctic near Baffin Island where Russian and American subs have long prowled.

Hopefully, the military folks will point out the distinct lack of ice and icebergs in the area caused by climate change (where Arctic ocean ice is melting toward another dangerously low year), which Harper’s government has been negligent to deal with. He should be more worried about that then Russian subs.


12 comments to Harper goes on his latest Arctic PR tour to show he’s really serious about arctic sovereignty.

  • kwittet

    got this from Scott’s link…just think Harper did nothing to stop the decline of ice yet it is mysteriously slowing its pace? must have been the green shift from last year that scared the ice into not receding so fast.

    From August 1 to 17, Arctic sea ice extent declined at an average rate of 54,000 square kilometers (21,000 square miles) per day. This decline was slower than the same period in 2008, when it was 91,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles) per day, and for the same period in 2007, when ice extent declined at a rate of 84,000 square kilometers (32,000 square miles) per day. The recent rate of ice loss has slowed considerably compared to most of July. Arctic sea ice extent is now greater than the same day in 2008.

    • @kwittet, Right.. and you conveniently left out the next part of that, Kevin:

      The slower decline is primarily due to a recent atmospheric circulation pattern, which transported ice toward the Siberian coast and discouraged export of ice out of the Arctic Ocean….the minimum summer ice extent will still be much lower than the 1979 to 2000 average,

      We got a slight reprieve from ice melt because the upper air circulation managed to keep what ice there was from becoming icebergs and floating around, and you’re trying to deny climate change because of THAT? We got lucky this year, not due to any errors with the science being wrong with climate change.

      The fact of the matter is that the science shows that climate change is proceeding along as predicted, and Harper and his Conservative government has stubbornly failed to deal with climate change.. and the Arctic has been and will be the first to bear the brunt of his negligence.

  • Stan

    Uh, your little graphy thing shows the sea ice recovering quite nicely.

  • Harper needs to show the Nunavutlians that foreign entities won’t interfere with their sovereignty. There is no way that Quebec will take over the islands in Hudson, James, and Ungava Bay. (This also holds true for the evil people in Manitoba and Ontario.)

  • Phil is right…though the Alberta folks don’t like to admit that the last real Albertan PM we had was Joe Clark…

    Harper is doing his “oh look over there!” dance that he ALWAYS does when he screws over Canadian citizens abroad or starts to look like an idiot on the economy again (still?).

  • Phil

    You guys do know Harper was born and raised in Toronto, right?

  • The HMCS Toronto? Harper’s going to have a serious case of the heebie jeebies the whole time he’s aboard!

  • Dan

    I get the impression that Harper is much more concerned about HMCS Toronto than the actual city of Toronto.

  • slg

    How much do you suppose this photo-op/campaigning which includes several cabinet ministers, etc. will cost the taxpayers?

  • The good news, at least this time it won’t be entirely a photo op. Harper will get some questions about the appalling state of northern communities.

  • ridenrain

    Did he take one of Martin’s submarines?

  • Phil

    How about the distinct lack of icebreakers?

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