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Canadian government may be sued by Canadian’s lawyer.

This is hardly surprising; we read this story in the Star this AM detailing how the Kenyan government has dropped charges against Suaad Hagi Mohamud -the Canadian falsely accused of being an imposter due to her lips not looking right, and we see this excerpt from her lawyer – he intends to take some governments to court:

Mohamud’s lawyer, Lucas Naikuni, said outside of court that he plans to sue the Canadian and Kenyan governments, along with KLM Airlines, whose officials stopped Mohamud from boarding a flight home May 21. He called it a “malicious prosecution.” “This is an embarrassment, that a developed country like Canada can do this to a citizen,” he said in an interview with the Star. “We had to go to DNA testing – we had to go that far?”

We’ve heard “whispers” and innuendo in the media from government sources there was more to the story then what the media was reporting (which it must be pointed out, also was the chatter in the Maher Arar case, and led to nothing), so at the very least, if the Canadian government gets sued, and forced to defend itself, it’s going to have to put up or shut up on those “unofficial whispers”. I applaud her lawyer for intending to do this; the only way the Harper Conservative government can be held to account right now apparently is through the court system.

UPDATE: That last line of mine about forcing the government to be accountable through the court system since it appears unwilling to do so in any other way should be even more obvious after reading this story about the foreign minister Lawrence Cannon making himself unavailable to comment on this continuing saga:

Canada’s fourth foreign minister since 2006 isn’t on vacation. He’s hard at work. A review of his agenda for the last week, as it became clear that Mohamud had been wrongfully denied the assistance that comes with her citizenship, suggests Cannon’s priorities just lie elsewhere.. Requests for comment from the foreign minister were turned down. “Unfortunately, minister Cannon is not available for an interview,” said spokeswoman Natalie Sarafian…An interview request sent yesterday to the minister’s office was turned down. Calls to two of his three constituency offices yielded no clues as to his whereabouts.

If I’m Lucas Naikuni, the first person I issue a court summons to appear at any lawsuit case should be Lawrence Cannon, and force him to answer for his department’s behaviour.


2 comments to Canadian government may be sued by Canadian’s lawyer.

  • oh please, drop the word ‘may’ in the post of you title. A lawsuit is all but a certainty – as it should be(if the facts as alleged are true.)

    i did read the following in Dr.Dawg’s blog(

    “Foreign Affairs and CSBA have conducted four separate investigations and she has failed each one including the visual photo matching tests, extensive interviews, etc. ”

    that tells me fraud may have indeed been attempted. Not a certainly but a possibility.

    If the government ever gets its act together, i’m sure more details will emerge

  • I think they should sue the Conservative party …it would not be fair to do otherwise…the government is the people and it was the Conserrvative party that did this.

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