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No reason to keep her from coming home now, is there?

Whoever is in the Canadian consulate in Kenya who decided this lady was a fraud should be out of a job:

DNA tests have confirmed a Toronto woman marooned in Kenya really is who she says she is. Somali-born Suaad Hagi Mohamud has been stuck in Nairobi for more than two months after she was told her lips did not match her passport photo when she tried to travel home… The charges were laid as a result of the Canadian government saying Mohamud was not who her passport said she was… Canadian consular officials said she was an “impostor,” voided her passport and sent the case to Kenyan authorities for prosecution. As Mohamud showed various pieces of ID, volunteered fingerprints and garnered the attention of media across the country, the Canadian government maintained their stance that she was not the citizen she claimed to be.

Of course, the Federal Conservative government has been also promoting the claim that this woman wasn’t who she said she was.. so I doubt that will happen.

As this government of ours has shown an appalling lack of wanting to help any of its Canadian citizens abroad who get into trouble with foreign governments (particularly its dual citizens or new citizens of Canada, it seems), this woman’s lawyer is certainly right in doing this, just in case the Conservative government decides to try and drag its feet:

Boulakia says he is bringing a motion asking the Federal Court to order the government to issue Mohamud an emergency passport to repatriate her back to Canada… Boulakia said the length of time it will take for Mohamud to touch down in Toronto depends on how soon the government takes action. “They could get it done in a day or two if they felt like it,” he said. “I don’t know what they really will do.”

Exactly; hence the wise decision of filing with the Federal Court now as a preemptive measure. It’s rather pathetic that it takes the courts to make this government do the right thing, but that’s why they are there – as a check and balance when a government like this one tries its hardest to deny citizens it doesn’t particularly want or like their rights as a Canadian citizen.


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  • Al

    This whole affair was a case of high level racism,pure and simple.The person or persons who refuted her citizenship at the Canadian Embassy in Kenya should be immediatly fired.Peroid.

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