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Harper to Mexico on visas: ‘Blame Canada, not me!’

Interesting strategy:

Stephen Harper is trying to repair frayed relations with Mexico despite his refusal to roll back new entry restrictions for its citizens, emerging from a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon Sunday night to say it’s Canada’s dysfunctional refugee system that made him do it…“This is not the fault of the government of Mexico – let me be very clear about this,” Mr. Harper told reporters, explaining his mid-July decision to clamp down on soaring bogus refugee claims from Mexico by requiring Mexicans to obtain visas before entering Canada. “This is a problem in Canadian refugee law which encourages bogus claims.”

..Mr. Harper insisted the visa obligation for Mexicans will remain in place until Canada’s refugee system is fixed, calling on opposition parties to join his party in reforming Canada’s refugee system to discourage bogus claimants.

I guess my question would be to Harper is if he actually has a bill on the order paper of Parliament in the House of Commons dealing with immigration reforms. Because if he doesn’t, and if I’m the opposition parties, I’d be replying, “Well, Prime Minister Harper, you’re the government, so its incumbent upon YOU and Immigration Minister Jason Kenny to put forth new immigration reforms into a bill, and we’ll see whether we can support it or not.”

By the way, I thought this photo of Harper watching a “cultural event” with presidents Calderone and Obama either shows what he really feels about “cultural events” or shows what his natural disposition is (or both). I found the contrast between him and the other 2 rather humorous.

UPDATE @ 1:04 pm: Haha.. great find by Warren:


1 comment to Harper to Mexico on visas: ‘Blame Canada, not me!’

  • Elden

    Sorry to say but all conservatives will sell us out.
    Auto trade and now the refugees from our ally countries..
    It is ok to let our enimies in though,Right Harper????
    We need to get rid of the conservative Party forever.
    People that vote them in are just as much to blame.What is wrong with you people???

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