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BC Premier Campbell appears to support Iggy’s EI stance.

I’ve never thought that the provincial BC Liberal Party was all that “Liberal” (or “liberal”), but in reading this article, it appears that the BC premier is more in Ignatieff’s camp then he is Harper’s, and has publicly stated as such , a rare intrusion by him into federal politics. He could be a key ally of Ignatieff’s come the election call, if the Conservatives on the EI panel continue with their partisan games and untruths over the Liberals EI reform proposals.


4 comments to BC Premier Campbell appears to support Iggy’s EI stance.

  • I think Steve V is right that Campbell won’t campaign for the Liberals or endorse them, but this would divide the party. In addition, he has maintained good relations with Chretien, Martin, and Harper, so I am sure he would work well with Ignatieff as well. British Columbia generally is better off if the premier has a good working relationship with the prime-minister no matter what party they are from.

  • I’m not sure this is entirely accurate. Ignatieff and Mcguinty seem to be proposing a single standard across the country. Campbell and all of the Western Premiers are unanimous in the position that there should be different qualifying standards between urban, rural and remote areas.

    The other factual error in the article is that the EI system discriminates among and between provinces. This is incorrect. While there are an obscene number of different regions with different qualifying standards, these regions are not determined by province, but by level of unemployment. In theory (and in practice) a remote region of Ontario or BC that had a similar unemployment rate as one in New Brunswick, for example, would have the same qualifying criteria.

  • I remember last election, Campbell hid in the earth’s mantle while the carbon tax debate raged. I wouldn’t expect any help from him.

  • I doubt the premier will actually endorse anyone in the next election. As someone originally from BC and a member of the BC Liberals, the party is a coalition of Conservatives and Liberals. In most provinces the NDP is weak enough, this isn’t necessary, but in BC it is. I should note this is quite common in Europe, although in North America unusual. If he endorses either side, this could anger some members of the caucus, thus why he stays neutral. The BC Liberals can win in Vancouver proper, something the Conservatives cannot, but also in Fraser Valley, Okanagan Valley, and Peace River District, areas that are quite conservative and the federal Liberals wouldn’t have a hope. Still he could ally with Iggy on this issue as Campbell has sided with leaders of both parties on various issues, but never actually endorsed a party outright. Although as a side note, I should note his local MP is Liberal MP Joyce Murray who was a former cabinet minister in his first government. In fact in Vancouver the Conservative candidate against Hedy Fry was also a former BC Liberal MLA so they’ve had former MLA’s run for both parties.

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