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More unique Conservative government funding at work.

Canada’s Conservative government deems it of great importance to stimulate spinach-based cosmeceuticals – to the tune of 281 000 $ and change.

I find it interesting that the government is funding a plant which deals in an industry that is slightly controversial as to the actual benefits of these products. But, I guess it’s less controversial for the Conservatives then funding gay and lesbian festivals (even when their economic benefits to a city are well known), and it’s sitting in a riding next to a Conservative-held seat, so I guess the Conservative government figures it’s a good way to try and get brownie points.


4 comments to More unique Conservative government funding at work.

  • Geordie Tom

    Lousy Conservatives giving stimulus money to Liberal ridings!

    • @Geordie Tom, Nice try, but a) Its a BQ riding, and even more importantly, b) It’s a vacant riding, as the BQ member resigned there to run for the PQ.

      So, one can see doubly why the Conservatives decided to fund a project like this; their economic strategy is based on partisan political considerations. not the overall health of the economy and where stimulus money is best spent.

      That’s why John Baird doesn’t want to review if where the money going is being spent properly or if any economic benefit comes out of it. Why would they wanna ruin their strategy of throwing money at ridings where they hope to retain or gain seats if its shown there’s been no material benefit overall?

  • foottothefire

    “repayable funding”? We get taxpayer funded PR announcements of a loan? Political fraud has become high art for Harper.

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