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A couple tales of the tape.

That title is NOT a reference to the suddenly-back-in-the-news Wafergate thing, although I suppose it could be (by the way, I think I like BCL’s term for it better; ‘cracker caper’). However, if you’re looking for tape on that and a recap of a story that proves it’s summertime around here, and that both media and politicians are looking for something to make news, read Jeff’s piece. (Plus, you can read how some Conservative supporting folks have gone way over the edge on this story and may end up losing a bit of money, dignity, or both. Then again, this is Lifesite news, so I’m not surprised).

No, my title refers to 2 new polls that have come out today – one by Angus-Reid, the other by Ekos, which shows that the Liberals have retaken the lead in both.

My observations on them are this:

a) Normally, a sitting government’s poll #’s go up during the summer when Parliament isn’t sitting. No daily news on the hammering it takes and a bevy of feel-good announcements normally involving money usually give the governing party a bit of a bounce. These 2 polls seems to show whatever bounce they had has disappeared. I believe the term “dead cat bounce” is used to describe this phenomenon.

b) In the last round of polls – both with these same companies as I recall – when the Conservatives pulled ahead, we heard some talk of Conservative momentum.. now that the Liberals have regained the lead (and in Angus-Reid’s case, did a rather big move: The same poll had the Liberals trailing 36-30 on July 9, and is now showing them  at 34, putting us +4 and the bad guys (er.. the Conservatives) at -3. I’m not seeing a lot of “Liberal momentum” talk however on these numbers.  That must prove there is a “liberal media” bias  out there, or something. [superemotions file=”icon_razz.gif” title=”Razzberry”]

A bevy of other blogs talk about the polls. Check them out.


2 comments to A couple tales of the tape.

  • Stan

    Odd how you would refer to the wafer story as the ‘cracker caper’.
    You guys were all bent out of shape because you wanted us to think you were offended by Harper not paying the proper respect to the church’s traditions and not following protocol.
    But now you mock that same church by calling the holy communion a cracker.

    You guys really don’t get it, do you?
    You mock the Christians, then pretend to be offended by fictional reports of Harper’s actions in church, then you mock the church some more.

    And you use the solemn occasion of a state funeral to try to score cheap political points by having the liberal party stooges feed a liberal party newspaper a pack of lies.

    Keep digging that hole, you are making yourselves more of a laughingstock every time you mention it.

    And now I see the NYT has picked up the story.

    BTW, if Harper is so bad, why do you have to make things up about him?
    If he’s so bad, couldn’t you just tell the truth?
    Or did you think of that?

  • kwittet

    According to the poll, slightly more people are unhappy with how the federal government has handled the economic crisis, but overall more Canadians still trust Harper to manage the economy over Ignatieff.

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