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Contradictions on the economy

Some of you may have received another one of those Conservative Party fliers in your mailbox today, highlighting the fact that the International Monetary Fund praised Canada for its economic stimulus package, which therefore, according to the propaganda spin in the flier, means that the Conservative government is on the right track with its plan of fighting the global economic crisis.

In this flier however, there is a complete lack of any specifics of where all this stimulus money has been spent or is being spent, and how much of it has even been allocated. The only thing the government wants to highlight in its ad is it’s “cutting taxes”; nothing on actual spending measures its put forth to stimulate the economy (which is the real way to stimulate an economy; not cutting taxes).

In a related story, Transport Minister John Baird stated today he doesn’t think it’s up to his government to track whether 12 billion $ is being spent effectively on infrastructure projects or not:

“It’s not up to his government to closely monitor how money intended for road, sewer and other projects is actually spent, suggests the federal minister in charge of infrastructure. “‘It’s not big government’s role and Ottawa to centrally manage everything,’ Baird said when asked how his department is monitoring spending.”

I’d sure like to know whose job it is then, if it’s not the feds. Unlike the US government, which has a website where you can track where stimulus has been spent or where its going, the Canadian public has no equivalent site here, and the Conservatives apparently have no intention of rectifying that situation. You’re apparently to trust them on what they say about the economic recovery. (which is even more difficult to do, since different government ministers are saying different things about the economy; Stockwell Day is declaring the recession over, while Jim Flaherty seems to think otherwise. Hopefully, after being asked nicely, they’ll issue a clarification on what the government officially thinks, but I digress).

Meanwhile, current statistics just released say one shouldn’t be taking this government at its word:


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